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What is the message of the poem the British by Benjamin Zephaniah?

‘The British (serves 60 Million) by Benjamin Zephaniah presents the themes of cultural diversity, unity, and justice in the poem. The major theme of the poem is the cultural diversity of Britain. The poet refers to historical events and highlights the continuing process of cultural assimilation in Britain.

Why did Benjamin Zephaniah write the British?

The book was inspired by an incident when Zephaniah came face-to-face with Simon Weston, a veteran of the Falklands who was facially-disfigured during the war: ‘I was so taken aback by his face.

When was the poem the British published?

Poet Benjamin Zephaniah was born in West Midlands, UK, on April 15th, 1958. One of his most famous poems is The British, published in 2000. Imitating the form of a recipe and using the vocabulary of cooking, it talks about the history and making of the British People.

What are Benjamin Zephaniah poems?

Benjamin Zephaniah Poems

  • The British. Take some Picts, Celts and Silures.
  • Talking Turkeys! Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas.
  • Nature Trail. At the bottom of my garden.
  • We Refugees. I come from a musical place.
  • Dis Poetry. Dis poetry is like a riddim dat drops.
  • Everybody Is Doing It. In Hawaii they Hula.
  • Who’s Who.
  • White Comedy.

What poems has Benjamin Zephaniah written?

Yet, he has made the grade as a published poet including The Dread Affair (1985), Inna Liverpool (1990), Rasta Time in Palestine (1991), City Psalms (1992), Propa Propaganda (1996), and Too Black, Too Strong (2001).

What is Benjamin Zephaniah known for?

Introduction. The British writer Benjamin Zephaniah is known for his poetry as well as novels, plays, and other works. His poetry is called “dub poetry,” which means that is performed—the words are recited over the beat of reggae music.

What is Benjamin Zephaniah famous for?

Is Benjamin Zephaniah married?

Amina Zephaniahm. 1990–2001
Benjamin Zephaniah/Spouse

What was Benjamin Zephaniah first poem?

Then there is Benjamin Zephaniah the children’s poet. His first book of poetry for children called Talking Turkeys had to go into an emergency reprint after just 6 weeks, no one could foresee how popular the book would be, it went to the top of the children’s book list and stayed there for months.

What are Benjamin Zephaniah beliefs?

Zephaniah believes that working with human rights groups, animal rights groups and other political organisations means that he will never lack subject matter.

Is Benjamin Zephaniah vegan?

Turning vegan at 13 Benjamin is pretty much a lifelong vegan. He is now 58 and as a busy performer, writer and with a passion for martial arts, he just naturally shows people what it is like being vegan and doesn’t “ram veganism down peoples throats”. “I’m not going to rant on about being vegan.