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What is the merchandise processing fee?

The Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) is a U.S. Customs charge assessed for most imports into the United States. The MPF is charged at 0.3464% of the entered value declared on the commercial invoice, with a minimum of $27.23, and a maximum of $528.33 per entry.

How is merchandise processing fee calculated?

How is MPF Calculated? The fee is ad valorem (according to value) and is 0.3464% of the value of the goods being imported. To calculate it you simply multiply the value of the goods by 0.3464, then divide the result by 100.

What’s Walmart merchandising fee?

At present, fees equate to 0.3464% of the item’s total worth meaning merchandising fees usually cost $2-$10 per package. On the other hand, if your Walmart orders excess $2,500 or you intend to commercially sell purchased goods, the order will be deemed a formal entry where merchandising fees increase to $25-$485.

What do you mean merchandising?

Essentially, merchandising is the promotion and sale of products. It often is used to mean retail sales itself in that its goal is to influence the buying decisions of consumers. However, it should not be confused with the sale itself. It is the process leading up to a sale.

What is the current MPF rate?

0.3464 percent
The Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) for formal entries is an ad valorem fee of 0.3464 percent.

How much does it cost to process merchandise at CBP?

US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has increased the minimum and maximum Merchandise Processing Fees (MPF). The new fees will become effective on October 1, 2020. The ad valorem rate of 0.3464 percent remains the same. The new FY2021 MPF rates are: Minimum Merchandise Processing Fee- $27.23. Maximum Merchandise Processing Fee- $528.33.

How much does it cost for a merchandise processing fee?

The new FY2021 MPF rates are: Minimum Merchandise Processing Fee- $27.23; Maximum Merchandise Processing Fee- $528.33; Informal Entry Merchandise Processing Fee- $2.18; If you have questions about MPF or similar issues regarding your Customs entries, please contact your Deringer service center.

How is the merchandise processing fee ( MPF ) enforced?

The merchandise processing fee is enforced by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as payment for the processing of goods and monitoring of trade compliance. It is applied to dutiable and duty-free goods.

Is there an exemption for the merchandise processing fee?

Merchandise Processing Fee. Many preference programs provide an MPF exemption. See 19 CFR 24.23(c) for the regulation providing this exemption. The MPF exemption is available to unconditionally free goods even though “Free” is not listed in the “Special” column of the HTSUS. The good must meet a rule of origin and all other FTA requirements.