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What is the meaning of Gelugpa?

noun. Buddhism. One of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism, founded by Je Tsongkhapa (1357–1419) and led by the Dalai Lama; a member of this school. The Gelugpa school is also called the Yellow Hat school.

Who is the head of Gelugpa?

Jangtse Choejey Kyabje Jetsun Lobsang Tenzin Palsangpo is the current Ganden Tripa. The head of the Gelugpa order is the Ganden Tripa and not, as is often misunderstood, the Dalai Lama….

Ganden Tripa
Religion Tibetan Buddhism

Who built Drepung monastery?

Jamyang Chojey
Drepung is the largest of all Tibetan monasteries and is located on the Gambo Utse mountain, five kilometers from the western suburb of Lhasa….

Drepung Monastery
Founder Jamyang Chojey
Date established 1416

What were two famous monasteries?

List of Famous Buddhist Monasteries in India

  • Hemis Monastery. It is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery (gompa) of the Drukpa Lineage, in Hemis, Ladakh, India.
  • Tabo Monastery.
  • Tsulglagkhang Monastery.
  • Thiksey Monastery.
  • Tawang Monastery.
  • Bylakuppe Monastery (Namdraling)
  • Shashur Monastery.
  • Mindrolling Monastery.

Why was it Drepung monastery built?

Because of the fast growing number of believers and followers, Jamyang Choge Tashi Palde (one of Tsongkhapa’s disciples), namely the second Dalai Lama founded Drepung Monastery in 1416. In 1464, a lot of chapels and temple were built for followers to impart Buddhist wisdom.

Which is the largest monastery in the world?

Tawang Monastery, located in Tawang city of Tawang district in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, is the largest monastery in India and second largest in the world after the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet….

Tawang Monastery
Tawang Monastery
Affiliation Tibetan Buddhism
Sect Gelug

What are the two well known monasteries in Europe?

Gallery The Amazing Monasteries and Abbeys of Europe

  • Klosterneuburg Monastery, Austria.
  • Abbey of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte, Camogli, Italy.
  • Pannonhalma abbey, Western Transdanubia, Hungary.
  • Orval Abbey, Wallonia, Belgium.
  • Sumela Monastery, Turkey.
  • Monastery Ostrog, Montenegro.
  • Admont Monastery, Austria.

Who was the founder of the Gelugpa monastery?

Following the foundation of the first Gelugpa monastery, Ganden in 1409 by Lama Tsongkapa, the Gelugpa strongly expanded with the building of many more monastic strongholds including Drepung and Sera monasteries. Some of the greatest masters of the Gelug Lineage are:

Which is the most beautiful monastery in Languedoc?

Being one of the most beautiful monastery monuments of Languedoc, Valmagne Sainte-Maria’s Abbey has a special place in the hearts of the French. It is a former Benedictine monastery located near Villeveyrac, Hérault, in south-central France and was later attached to the Cistercian Order.

Where are the best monasteries to visit in France?

This Benedictine monastery located in Urt, in the Pays Basque region of Aquitaine, was founded in 1878. Beyond the ravishing architecture of the monastery and picturesque corners of the abbaye, the most exciting reason to visit this place is the exotic varieties of cheese!

Who are the lamas of the Gelugpa lineage?

In 1932 he gave more extensive teachings at Ganden Shartse and Jangste monasteries. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche was the root lama of many Gelug Lamas who teach in the West including Zong Rinpoche, Geshe Rabten, Lama Yeshe, Lama Gangchen Rinpoche and Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.