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What is the meaning of active in the dictionary?

1 : characterized by action rather than by contemplation or speculation an active life. 2 : producing or involving action or movement. 3a of a verb form or voice : asserting that the person or thing represented by the grammatical subject performs the action represented by the verb Hits in “he hits the ball” is active.

What does loaded word mean?

Loaded language (also known as loaded terms, emotive language, high-inference language and language-persuasive techniques) is rhetoric used to influence an audience by using words and phrases with strong connotations in order to invoke an emotional response and/or exploit stereotypes.

What kind of word is loaded?

What type of word is ‘loaded’? Loaded is an adjective – Word Type.

What words mean exited?


  • bailed,
  • bailed out,
  • booked.
  • [slang],
  • bugged off,
  • bugged out,
  • buggered off.
  • [British slang],

What does Loaded mean in slang?

3 chiefly US slang : intoxicated by alcohol or drugs especially : drunk They got loaded at the party. …

How do you use loaded in a sentence?

1, They loaded the cart with rice. 2, She came back carrying a loaded tray. 3, The tractor was loaded with strawberries. 4, The poor woman was loaded down with family responsibilities.

How do you use loaded words?

A: Loaded language should come with the warning, “Handle with Care.” This term refers to words and phrases that induce a strong emotional response and carry a positive or negative connotation beyond their literal meaning.

What does loaded up mean?

To force someone or something to carry or hold a very large or heavy amount of something. When I asked my friend for some book recommendations, she loaded me up with a whole stack of them. He went up to the table and loaded up his plate with a huge mound of food.

Does the word exited exist?

To make one’s exit; depart. 1. To go out of; leave: exited the plane through a rear door.

Is it excited or exited?

A lot of people get so excited when they’re typing that they mistakenly write they are “exited,” and their spelling checkers don’t tell them they’ve made an error because “exited” is actually a word, meaning “went out of an exit.” Excitement makes you excited.