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What is the last date of CA Articleship registration?

What is the Last Date of Registration? You have to submit the CA Articleship Registration form within 30 days from the date of commencement of Articleship to ICAI.

What is the late fee for Articleship registration?

Articleship Registration Form 103: Statement of Particulars

Period of Delay Corresponding Fees to be paid
30 days beyond the specified period Rs. 100
31-180 days beyond the specified period Rs. 300
Beyond 181 days Rs. 1,000

How can I know my Articleship registration date?

A) ICAI Articleship Status Online:

  1. Submit form to Get Status with ICAI in your Inbox.
  2. Check No. of Articled Clerk.
  3. Personal Details in ICAI Records.
  4. ICAI Member Records and Firm Name Search.
  5. ICAI Members Directory – As on Date.

What is Articleship registration fees?

The registration fee as an articled assistant is Rs 1000 as per page 37 of Chartered Accountancy Prospectus Edition July 2017. Form 102 can be obtained from ICAI branch offices. It has to be executed in non-judicial stamp paper or special adhesive stamp. One has to pay Rs 50 to get articleship registration form 102.

What is the last date for Articleship registration for Nov 2021?

Hello student you may register yourself through direct entry till 31st January 2021 and start your internship immediately to complete 09 months of practical training to be eligible to fill up the examination Form of CA Intermediate November 2021 examination.

How do I find out my CA enrollment date?

To check enrollment date or articleship status or any other information registered with ICAI, the user can find it at SSP. If you aren’t registered, you need to register first and then avail various options available therein.

Which is the last date for articleship registration?

As per the new syllabus guidelines, a student can appear for CA Final after 2.5 years of Articleship, thus a May 2017 IPCC Gr1/Both group passed student can register till 31st October 2017 to be eligible for the CA Final first attempt in May 2020 Hence, you should complete all the required trainings and register for Articleship asap.

When to submit CA articleship registration form 2019?

CA Articleship Registration Form 2019 have to be submitted within 30 days calculating from the date when commencement of Articleship to ICAI took place. We aim to provide answers to all the students who have a question in mind “ How to become a CA in India ” to make CA registration to CA final registration easier and simpler.

How do I Register my articleship with ICAI?

Once your Registration has been accepted by ICAI, it sends the Articleship registration letter to the you (The Article Assistant) as well as to the CA under whom you are registered. You Just have to enter your membership number at the end of the above link & it will display the list of articles that are registered under you.

How much does it cost to register articleship in ca?

When you register for articleship, CA Articleship registration fees of Rs.2,000 has to be paid but if you have already paid this fee when you registered for IPCC then you don’t need to pay it again.