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What is the Langendorff isolated heart preparation?

In the Langendorff preparation, the heart is first surgically removed from the animal’s body. Subsequently, the aorta is suspended in the Langendorff apparatus and the heart is perfused via the aorta, usually with a nutrient rich oxygenated solution [Krebs and Henseleit solution (KHB)].

What is langendorff apparatus?

Overview. The Langendorff Apparatus & Thermostat Controller is a compact, self-contained and thermostatically-controlled unit, which is ideal for the retrograde perfusion (Langendorff) of isolated small rodent (mice and rats) hearts.

Where does perfusion take place?

Perfusion refers to the blood flow to tissues and organs. Alveoli are perfused by capillaries so the diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide can take place.

What is the purpose of perfusion solution into the aorta in the direction of the heart?

The basic principle is to maintain cardiac activity by perfusing the heart via the coronary arteries using an aortic cannula inserted into the ascending aorta. Perfusion solution is delivered to the heart in a retrograde manner via this cannula.

What is perfused heart?

Definition. The isolated perfused heart according to Langendorff is a preparation which is easily obtained from all warm-blooded animals. The heart is usually perfused at constant pressure, but frequently at constant flow, mostly with oxygenated saline solutions.

What do perfusionist do?

Cardiovascular perfusionists are responsible for operating extracorporeal circulation equipment, such as the heart-lung machine, during an open-heart surgery or any other medical procedure in which it is necessary to artificially support or temporarily replace a patient’s circulatory or respiratory function.

Why doesn’t solution enter the left ventricle when it is perfused into the aorta by the Langendorff technique?

Unlike the working heart model, the Langendorff system relies on retrograde perfusion of the heart (through the coronary vasculature) in order to maintain cardiac function. This means the perfusate does not enter the left ventricle.

What does poor perfusion cause?

Our aim in the present article is to bring together recent clinical and experimental research indicating that inadequate perfusion may underlie much of the tissue and organ dysfunction associated with chronic conditions including hypertension, obesity, and diabetes mellitus.

Can you drive after a myocardial perfusion scan?

You will have to wait 30 – 60 minutes before having the scan. You will need to eat a fatty snack during this time. After the test you can eat and drink normally and you will still be able to drive a car.