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What is the issue number on a HSBC debit card?

The issue number is always found on the front of a credit card or debit card. There is some really bad advice out there that confuses the 3 digit CVV/CVC number on the back with the issue number.

Is HSBC debit card Mastercard?

HSBC Debit Mastercard® cards are issued by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

What is my HSBC account number Hong Kong?

Reference 2: Account number of HSBC HK must be 10 or 12 digits. Branch code is the first 3 digits and the following 7-9 digits are account number. You may check the account details through our internet banking platform or mobile banking application, contact our customer service hotlines or any HSBC branch.

What is issue number on Mastercard?

The issue number was usually on the front of a debit or credit card in line with the dates that show when the card could be used before it expired. Sometimes issue numbers were printed on the bottom right corner of the card and would even say “issue number” next to the digits.

Is HSBC changing to Mastercard?

Mastercard Inc. clinched a deal with HSBC Holdings PLC to move the U.K. lender’s First Direct debit cards to the U.S.-based payments giants platform by 2021, the Financial Times reported Aug. 14.

Is HSBC Visa or Mastercard?

Why have we moved from Mastercard© to Visa? We have taken the decision to issue a Visa card as our standard credit card.

What is my HSBC account number?

Where can I find my HSBC account number? You can find your account number in Personal Internet Banking, on your statements, or at the bottom of your checks.

What is the routing number for HSBC Hong Kong?

HSBC’s ACH routing number is 022000020.

How many digits is my HSBC account number?

12 digits
Format of HSBC Account Number. When you open an account, you will be issued HSBC account number consisting of 12 digits. The account number is uniquely structured to represent the branch and the type of product that you hold with the bank.

Where do I find my HSBC account number?

What can I do with HSBC MasterCard credit card?

T&Cs apply. For HSBC Premier customers only. Enjoy a world of opportunity, first-class customer service and extra rewards. With an HSBC Premier Mastercard® Credit Card, you can expect instant recognition and an array of special privileges and personalised services. For HSBC Premier customers only.

Can you use HSBC mobile banking in Hong Kong?

You can also download latest HSBC HK Mobile Banking app and follow the instruction to activate Mobile Security Key. Is this available 24-hours a day? Yes. It’s around-the-clock, seven days a week. However, some transactions can only be processed according to the following business (or specific) hours.

When does the HSBC red credit card expire?

Get up to HKD1,000 in welcome offers when you apply for a HSBC Red Credit Card. HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Credit Cards and any corresponding additional cards will be discontinued from September 2021 onwards. Once the credit card has expired, all card-related services will be cancelled.

Which is the best credit card to use in Hong Kong?

HSBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card. If you travel frequently between China and Hong Kong, you can enjoy financial control and protection with the HSBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card. Enjoy up to 6X RewardCash for spending in Rewards of Your Choice category.