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What is the intro to light fire?

The background music is Invention No. 8, BWV 779 by Johann Sebastian Bach, which served as an inspiration for Manzarek. The song’s distinctive organ intro has been characterized as “one of the most recognizable sounds in the history of rock music”.

How long is the solo in Light My Fire?

“We had that huge problem with the time length – seven-and-a-half minutes. Nobody could figure out how to cut it. Finally, I said to [producer Paul] Rothchild, nobody can cut it but you. When he cut out the solo, there were screams.

Who played lead guitar on Light My Fire?

We will consider the original by the 60s group The Doors and a creative cover of that song by Jose Feliciano. The Doors and Light My Fire: The Doors were a quartet that formed in California in 1965. They featured Jim Morrison on vocals, Robby Krieger on guitar, Ray Manzarek on keyboards and John Densmore on drums.

What type of song form is Light My Fire?

Psychedelic rock baroque pop
“Light My Fire” is a song by the American rock band the Doors. It was recorded in August 1966 and released in January 1967 on their eponymous debut album….Light My Fire.

“Light My Fire”
Genre Psychedelic rock baroque pop acid rock
Length 7:06 (album version) 2:52 (single version)
Label Elektra

What key is The Doors Light My Fire?

Light My Fire is written in the key of A♯m.

Why was Light My Fire banned?

The song got them banned from Ed Sullivan When it came time to film the live version of the song Morrison sang the song’s original lyrics. Sullivan was so angry that he didn’t shake Morrison’s hand after the song and the band was told that they’d never perform on the Sullivan show again.

Who recorded Light My Fire?

José Feliciano
Light My Fire/Artists

Why did Jim Morrison hate Light My Fire?

Morrison allegedly indicated in his personal notebooks that he didn’t care for the song at all and absolutely hated performing it, something which was backed up when one unlucky fan requested the track during a fateful performance.