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What is the French name for poodle?

The Poodle, called the Pudel in German and the Caniche in French, is a breed of water dog. The breed is divided into four varieties based on size, the Standard Poodle, Medium Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle, although the Medium Poodle variety is not universally recognised.

What are good French dog names?

50 Best French Dog Names

  • Adele.
  • Amie.
  • Andre.
  • Antoinette.
  • Asterix.
  • Babette.
  • Baguette.
  • Bardot.

What should I name my poodle?

Top Names for Poodles

  • Teddy.
  • Buddy.
  • Iven.
  • Weimar.
  • Rhine.
  • Kiel.
  • Ash.
  • Burgh.

What is a French name for a dog?

500 French Dog Names

French Female Dog Names French Male Dog Names
Adela Abel
Adelaide Abi
Adele Ace
Adelie Achille

What are some French words?

Learn Some Common French Words

  • Bonjour = Hello, Good morning.
  • Au revoir = Goodbye.
  • Oui = Yes.
  • Non = No.
  • Merci = Thank you.
  • Merci beaucoup = Thank you very much.
  • Fille = Girl.
  • Garçon = Boy.

Is Louis a good dog name?

Louis — Meaning “famous warrior,” the name Louis would be an apt choice for a dog who has battled against life’s hardships and won, or for any pup who has conquered your heart.

What are some French dog names?

Some popular French dog names include: Abel. Abella. Adalene. Adam. Adele. Adeline. Adorlee.

What are cute names for poodles?


  • Baby
  • Bonnie
  • Boots
  • Buttons
  • Charm
  • Cuddles
  • Cutie
  • Darling
  • Dixie
  • What are cute female poodle names?

    Smart, soulful and sweet, female Poodles make a wonderful addition to a household. If you’re welcoming a lady Poodle into your life, consider these cute names: Gigi. Daisy. Chloe. Olive. Zoey. Gertrude.

    What is a good name for a male Poodle?

    For male Poodles, sophisticated names such as William, Sebastian, Lucian, and Audrey are favorites. The Poodle is a very intelligent breed and certain names have been known to come across as more astute. Common names that exude cleverness are Dexter, Daria, Mackenzie, and Dalton.