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What is the fees of Doon International school?

The school fee presently is Rs. 10,25,000/- per annum and incidental expenses are estimated at around Rs. 25,000/- per term….Indian Residents.

Age Fee For Overseas Registration
Up to 3 years Rs. 12000/- $ 600 US Dollars
3 – 5 years Rs. 15000/- $ 850 US Dollars

What is the monthly fees of Sai International school Bhubaneswar?

1 School in India – SAI International School….FEE Structure.

CLASS Monthly Fees
IX 13400
X 13400
XI 13400
XII 13400

What board does Doon School follow?

The school is owned by the non-profit entity Indian Public Schools’ Society (IPSS), which was registered by S.R. Das in 1928 with the aim of establishing public schools in India. Under the IPSS, the Board of Governors supervises all matters of Doon.

Is it difficult to get admission in Doon school?

The Doon School is very fortunate to have many applicants for both entry classes (Classes VII and VIII) every year, so we are looking for boys with the desire to stretch themselves to the limit. The Doon School is unusual in that new boys are admitted in only two year groups, in Class VII and Class VIII.

Who is the owner of Sai International School?

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo
SAI International Group, a leading educational group, began a pioneering revolution in the K-12 and Higher Education landscape of Odisha in 2008. The group is led by the Founder, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, a passionate Edupreneur.

Is Doon School only boarding?

The Doon School is a full boarding school for boys only and not simply a school which welcomes boarders. The school’s beautiful seventy acre campus has a vast range of flora, fauna and bird life.

Where is Doon International School, Sijua located?

The Doon International School, Sijua campus is spread over 10 Acres acres of land in Sijua area of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The School is a K-12 Day Cum Boarding School. The School’s infrastructure includes but is not limited to: A complete residential school, DIS has separate HOSTEL for its boys and girls.

Is there a Doon School in Dehradun?

Disclaimer : The Doon School, Dehradun is not affiliated and/or associated, directly or indirectly with any other school and/or educational institute using the word ‘Doon’ as a part of its name.

When did the Doon School in Kolkata Open?

It was envisioned by Satish Ranjan Das, a Kolkata lawyer, who prevised a school modelled on the British public school, but conscious of Indian ambitions and desires. The school admitted its first pupils on 10 September 1935, and formally opened on 27 October 1935, with Lord Willingdon presiding over the ceremony.

How many Indian boys go to Doon School?

Every year boys are admitted in only two-year groups: seventh grade (D-Form) in January and eighth grade (C-Form) in April. As of May 2019, boys from 26 Indian states as well as 35 non-resident Indians and foreign nationals were studying at Doon. The school is fully residential, and boys and most teachers live on campus.