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What is the famous statement of Rani Laxmi Bai?

Now determined to take on the British unreservedly, the Rani issued a proclamation saying: “We fight for independence. In the words of Lord Krishna, we will, if we are victorious, enjoy the fruits of victory. If defeated and killed on the field of battle, we will surely earn eternal glory and salvation”.

Who said I shall not surrender my Jhansi?

Rani Lakshmibai’s
“I shall not surrender my Jhansi!”: Rani Lakshmibai’s Court, 1853.

What was the last wish of Rani Lakshmi Bai?

Since Rani was in male warrior costume, the Britishers didn’t recognize her and they left her. Rani’s servant helped her up and gave her ‘gangajal’, which is considered a holy water. Her last wish was that she should not be touched a Britisher, and hence was burn by a hermit.

What did Hugh Rose say about Rani Lakshmi Bai?

In the British report of this battle in Jhansi, Sir Hugh Rose chronicled that Rani Lakshmibai is “personable, clever and beautiful”, and that she is “the most dangerous of all Indian leaders.” Rose commented that she had been buried “with great ceremony under a tamarind tree under the Rock of Gwalior, where I saw her …

Is Jhansi Rani a freedom fighter?

Rani Laxmibai also called the Rani of Jhansi was a pivotal figure in the Indian Revolt of 1857. She is also regarded as one of the greatest freedom fighters of India.

Who killed Rani Laxmibai?

The lost queen A series of battles followed and Lakshmibai finally lost her life at Kotah-ki-Serai on 17 June, shot down from her horse by a trooper of the 8th Hussars.

How Jhansi Lakshmibai died?

June 18, 1858
Rani of Jhansi/Date of death

Which Britisher killed Rani Lakshmi?

What happened to the child of Jhansi Ki Rani?

After the death of Rani Laxmibai, everyone thought that her son Damodar Rao too had died and no one spoke of him. However, he was brought to Indore and settled there by the British government. He was given a monthly pension of Rs 200 by them.” After Damodar’s death, his pension was halved and later on, stopped.