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What is the difference between Power Probe 3 and 4?

The Power Probe 3 is our most popular Circuit Tester. The Power Probe 4 adds more multi-meter functions like Resistance testing, Frequency, AC Voltage, and special test modes like Injector Testing and a Driver Circuit Tester, dramatically increasing the testing capabilities.

Will Power Probe work on 24 volts?

Designed specifically for diagnosing automotive electrical systems, the basic Power Probe 3 operates on 12- and 24-volt systems. The Power Probe can handle most of the diagnostic work of your DMM, like continuity and voltage testing.

How much is a power probe cost?

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What is the newest power probe?

The Power Probe 4 is a multi-use Circuit Tester with built-in diagnostic power. This tool simplifies the testing of fuse boxes, verifies correct operation of motors, lights, relays, sensors, wires, communications circuits and computer drivers.

Can a power probe test continuity?

The Power Probe can also test for continuity with the assistance of its auxiliary ground lead. The PP3’s 20ft (extendable) cable allows you to test along the entire length of the vehicle without constantly searching for ground hook-ups.

What does the P stand for on Power Probe 3?

Hold the button down a third time, the speaker will beep, and the display will now show a “P” in the lower left corner. This is Peak to Peak or Pulse mode and can be very useful for testing any pulsed voltage signals, like crank sensors, wheel sensors, etc.

What kind of voltage does power probe 3 Test?

This circuit tester also supplies Battery Voltage or Ground to activate components. This powerful time-saver tool is perfect for every level of technician. The Power Probe 3 is a Digital Voltmeter designed to work on 12-24 Volt sources, with the ability to apply Power and Ground.

Can a power probe be used to test a car battery?

Using a Power Probe tester product is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. As soon as the diagnostic equipment is attached to a cars battery a series of tests will be available. If the technician is suspicious of a certain malfunction, a particular test can be performed immediately.

What kind of kit does power probe use?

The Power Probe Professional Electrical Test Kit provides the circuit testing ability of the Power Probe 3 combined with the diagnostic capabilities of the Power Probe Digital Multimeter.

What can a power probe 3EZ be used for?

The Power Probe 3EZ is a Digital Voltmeter that provides diagnostic power with the flip of a switch. This tool simplifies the testing of fuse boxes, verifies correct operation of motors, lights, relays and wires. This tool has a navigation menu and we’ve added two new menu options: EZ LEARNING and EZ DIAGNOSTICS.