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What is the composition of Endo Agar?

Typical composition 1.0 % peptone. 0.25 % dipotassium hydrogen phosphate (K2HPO4) 1.0 % lactose. 0.33 % anhydrous sodium sulfite (Na2SO3)

What is Endo Agar used for?

Endo Agar Base is a differential and moderately selective culture medium for the detection and confirmation of coliforms and other enteric microorganisms in waters, milk, dairy and other food products. It uses fuchsin to differentiate between positive lactose-fermenting and lactose non-fermenting bacteria.

What makes Endo Agar selective?

The selectivity of Endo Agar is due to the sodium sulfite/basic fuchsine combination, which results in the suppression of gram-positive microorganisms. It is classified as only slightly selective since other media contain more potent inhibitors of the gram-positive microorganisms.

How do you make Endo Agar?

m-Endo Agar is also known as LES (Lawrence Experimental Station) Endo Agar. Suspend 51 g of the medium in 1 liter of purified water containing 20 mL of non-denatured Ethanol. Heat with frequent agitation and boil to completely dissolve the medium. Avoid overheating.

Which indicator is used in Endo Agar?

of the fuchsin in alcohol. In order to secure more dependable results in the use of decolorized basic fuchsin as an indicator in Endo Agar, it is advisable to test the fuchsin in different dilutions in alcohol in order to secure a com- pletely decolorized solution.

What type of medium is m-Endo Agar?

coliform bacteria
m-Endo Agar LES ISO is a medium used for the detection and enumeration of coliform bacteria in water samples, according to APHA. Casein hydrolysate, meat peptone and tryptose provide amino acids, nitrogen, carbon, vitamins and minerals for organisms growth.

How does Endo Agar inhibit gram positive?

Endo Agar was developed by Endo to differentiate gram-negative bacteria on the basis of lactose fermentation while inhibiting gram-positive bacteria. Inhibition of the later was achieved without the use of bile salts as was traditionally used….Composition of Endo Agar.

Ingredients Gms/litre
Agar 15.000

How does E coli look on blood agar?

An isolate from urine can be quickly identified as E. coli by its hemolysis on blood agar, typical colonial morphology with an iridescent “sheen” on differential media such as EMB agar, and a positive spot indole test result.

Is M-Endo selective or differential?

This medium employed sodium sulphite and basic fuchsin instead of bile salts to achieve inhibition of gram-positive bacteria (2). M-Endo Broth MF is a selective and differential medium for the detection of coliforms by the membrane filter technique (3).