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What is the central theme in the poem Thou art indeed just Lord?

So the main theme is a theodicy, a theological term which means trying to understand evil in the light of a God who is perfect and who loves justice.

Is God’s justice dealt in Thou art just Lord?

Thou art indeed just, Lord, if I contend Analysis In the above extract of the poem, the poet is shown willing to admit that Lord God is just and that, in any disputation, he must indeed acknowledge God’s justice. He could not have done more to defeat and frustrate the poet’s endeavours than he is doing as his friend.

Who wrote thou art indeed just Lord?

Gerard Manley Hopkins
Gerard Manley Hopkins is considered to be one of the greatest poets of the Victorian era. However, because his style was so radically different from that of his contemporaries, his best poems were not accepted for publication during his lifetime, and his achievement was not…

What is the poem Felix Randal about?

“Felix Randal” explores the relationship between a priest and a young man—the Felix Randal of the title—who has recently died. When the speaker learns of Felix’s death, he reflects on his role as a spiritual guide and friend to the young man in his final days.

What are the recurrent images in Hopkins poetry?

In ‘The Windhover’, Hopkins uses recurring images of royalty. The high-flying solitary falcon is a monarch of the sky, surging with the poet’s spirit through the steady air. The poet uses chivalric terms such as ‘dauphin’, and ‘minion’ to capture the elegant and dignified ‘striding’ falcon, the prince of the daylight.

What does Hopkins believe about the presence of God in the natural world?

The poem says that God’s grandeur animates nature. The speaker compares this grandeur to two antithetical or opposite aspects of nature. First, he likens God’s grandeur to the light that shines and flares out quickly when one shakes a piece of foil. In this image, God’s grandeur reveals itself as a shining light.

What is the tone of Felix Randal?

A notable feature of this sonnet is the shift in tone. The opening line comes across as matter-of-fact, whereas the sestet provides a stark contrast as the raw feelings of the speaker become clear. The tone changes to one of loss and grief.

What type of sonnet is Felix Randal?

‘Felix Randal’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins is Petrarchan sonnet written as an elegy for a farrier by the name of Felix Randal. The poem begins with the speaker describing Randal as a large man made from a “big-boned” mold.

What are the poetic techniques used by Hopkins in his poetry?

Another unusual poetic resource Hopkins favored is “consonant chiming,” a technique he learned from Welsh poetry. The technique involves elaborate use of alliteration and internal rhyme; in Hopkins’s hands this creates an unusual thickness and resonance.

What is Inscape Hopkins?

[Hopkins] felt that everything in the universe was characterized by what he called inscape, the distinctive design that constitutes individual identity. This identity is not static but dynamic. Each being in the universe ‘selves,’ that is, enacts its identity.

What images does Hopkins use to describe humanity’s destruction of nature?

Hopkins’s expressive—or even graphic—choice of the words “seared,” “bleared,” and “smeared” conveys Hopkins’s disgust at how “all” has been corrupted and destroyed by humanity’s relentless “trade” and “toil.” The rise of industry has caused nature, once pristine and free of the unnatural stains of mankind, to be marred …

How many lines are in thou art indeed just, Lord, if I contend?

‘Thou art indeed just, Lord, if I contend’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins is a fourteen-line poem that conforms to the traditional pattern of an Italian or Petrarchan sonnet. This means that beyond having fourteen lines, the poem also follows a pattern of ABBAABBA in the first eight lines. This section of the poem is known as the octet.

What are the themes in thou art indeed just, Lord?

Themes in Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord. So the main theme is a theodicy, a theological term which means trying to understand evil in the light of a God who is perfect and who loves justice.

What kind of sestet does Hopkins use in thou art indeed just if I contend?

While the sestet is known to vary in Petrarchan sonnets, the pattern Hopkins chose for ‘ Thou art indeed just, Lord, if I contend’ is one of the most traditional. Before getting to the first lines of the poem, a reader comes across the epigraph.

Who are the sots and thralls of lust?

He refers to the “sots and thralls of lust.” These are the servants of lust, those who are in its power, rather than in Gods. They are the nonbelievers and the faithless. The speaker feels as though these people he considers to be bad, “thrive” more than he does.