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What is the best cement for PVC?

For home repairs and small plumbing projects we recommend using an Oatey brand PVC cement. Oatey is very easy to find at the local home improvement store.

Can you reconstitute PVC cement?

You sure can, friend. All you have to do is keep mixing until you get it to the consistency you want. Just know that whenever you break it down, it’s not going to hold as well as an un-thinned cement.

What is medium PVC cement used for?

Oatey® PVC Medium Bodied Fast Set Clear Cement is recommended for DWV, pressure pipe, potable water and electrical applications. Its medium body has excellent gap filling properties and is easy to apply with included in-lid dauber.

Does PVC primer need cement?

Usually PVC jobs require about half the amount of primer as they do cement. In short, primer is your friend. It may not be completely necessary on all jobs, but we recommend you take all the precautions available to ensure your joints are leak-free and as strong as possible.

What is the difference between PVC glue and PVC cement?

Q: What is the difference between PVC solvent cement and PVC glue? The solids contained in the solvent cement will then fill the gap between the pipe and fitting. Glue such as PVC glue, on the other hand, is only a bonding cement and will not work with an interference fit.

What is the best glue for Schedule 80 PVC?

For Schedule 80 PVC pipe and fittings, you should always use the heavy body cement due to the increased wall thickness. For CPVC pipe and fittings, heavy body primer is always required.

How do you soften old PVC glue?

For PVC glue that has started to set, you’ll need to use acetone on a clean cloth to wipe it away. When the glue has been allowed to fully dry on the PVC pipe, you’ll need to use a special solvent to break down and loosen up that bond. Using acetone won’t be enough in this case.

What’s the difference between medium and regular PVC cement?

Regular is the thinnest, Medium is thicker, etc. You need thicker cement for larger pipes. Regular can only be used with pipe sizes up to 4″. Medium goes up to 6″.

Can I use medium gray PVC cement on white PVC?

Its medium body has excellent gap filling properties and is easy to apply with included in-lid dauber. This gray, low VOC, fast set cement can be used to solvent weld all schedules and classes of PVC pipe and fittings up to 6 in….Oatey® Medium Gray PVC Cement.

Color: Gray
Set Type: Standard (40 – 105° F)
Maximum Use Temperature °F: 140

Is CPVC glue stronger than PVC glue?

It breaks down the surface of the pipe it is applied to and chemically bonds pipes and fittings together. For this reason, you cannot use just any PVC cement to join these two materials together. CPVC, as we explained earlier, is a stronger version of PVC pipe with a higher melting point and tougher chemical structure.