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What is the best antonym for acquiescence?

antonyms for acquiesce

  • dissent.
  • disapprove.
  • veto.
  • dissuade.
  • resist.
  • reject.
  • deny.
  • refuse.

Which of the following is opposite in meaning to the word acquiesce?

“It was a massive struggle to resist the lure of a cheeky beer, but I held firm.”…What is the opposite of acquiesce?

resist challenge
contest disagree
forbear dissent
fight refuse
disapprove dispute

What is the synonyms of admonish?

Some common synonyms of admonish are chide, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, and reprove. While all these words mean “to criticize adversely,” admonish suggests earnest or friendly warning and counsel.

Are acquiesce and dispute similar?

is that acquiesce is to rest satisfied, or apparently satisfied, or to rest without opposition and discontent (usually implying previous opposition or discontent); to accept or consent by silence or by omitting to object; — followed by “in”, sometimes also by “with” and “to” while dispute is to contend in argument; to …

What does acquiesce mean antonym?

acquiesce. Synonyms: assent, concur, repose, agree, yield, be resigned, comply. Antonyms: dissent, demur, object.

Is comply a synonym for acquiesce?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for acquiesce, like: comply, assent, conform, abide, accept, accede, concede, submit, concur, agree and consent.

What is the synonym of the word querulous?

querulous. Synonyms: quarrelsome, complaining, fretful, repining, discontented, dissatisfied, chiding, murmuring, whining, peevish, fastidious, irritable. Antonyms: easy, uncomplaining, satisfied, contented, submissive, genial, complacent, cheerful, good-tempered.

What is an antonym of admonish?

admonish. Antonyms: encourage, instigate, abet, incite, urge, applaud, countenance. Synonyms: remind, forewarn, advise, warn, dissuade, caution, counsel, reprove, censure, rebuke.

Which is the best synonym for the word acquiescence?

Acquiescence: a readiness or willingness to yield to the wishes of others. Synonyms: biddability, compliance, compliancy… Antonyms: defiance, disobedience, intractability… Find the right word.

How is the word acquiesce distinct from other similar verbs?

How is the word acquiesce distinct from other similar verbs? Some common synonyms of acquiesce are accede, agree, assent, consent, and subscribe. While all these words mean “to concur with what has been proposed,” acquiesce implies tacit acceptance or forbearance of opposition. acquiesced to his boss’s wishes

When do you use the word acquiesce in a sentence?

It often (though not always) implies that the person complying is giving in or surrendering (and it might even imply that they’re weak for doing so). It’s especially used in the context of giving into someone’s requests or demands, as in You can’t always acquiesce to his demands—you need to stand up for yourself!

When to use subscribe instead of acquiesce?

While the synonyms consent and acquiesce are close in meaning, consent involves the will or feelings and indicates compliance with what is requested or desired. When can subscribe be used instead of acquiesce? While in some cases nearly identical to acquiesce, subscribe implies not only consent or assent but hearty approval and active support.