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What is the Apothicon Servant?

The Apothicon Servant is a special weapon in the Shadows of Evil Zombies map. It creates a black hole that sucks in all nearby zombies, killing them instantly. You will need to find and take three parts to a workbench. This can be obtained from purple pods around the map.

Can 2 people get the Apothicon Servant?

Two people can have the Apothicon Servant!

Can you PAP the Apothicon Servant?

The Apothicon Servant cannot be Pack-a-Punched, and was supposed to have a specific upgrade method, however the trigger for the step was cut, however via the debug console on PC, the upgraded variant can be obtained by utilizing the “/give” command or getting the temporary pack-a-punch variant by using Ephemeral …

How do you upgrade Lil arnies in shadows of evil?

To upgrade the weapon, 150 kills with Li’l Arnies must be collectively completed among all players in the lobby. An Arnie must then be thrown into the church’s bell tower window.

Who made the Gersh Device?

It was developed by Gersh and Yuri.

How many people can have Apothicon servant shadows of evil?

On Shadows of Evil, it is a buildable, and on Revelations, it is a Mystery Box weapon. Only one player can have this weapon at a time.

Can you upgrade Lil arnies of SOE?

To upgrade Li’l Arnie, all the rituals have to be completed. Next, the player carrying Li’l Arnie needs to kill 100 zombies with it. Then, the player needs to throw Li’l Arnie at three specific items, making them dissapear: A top hat, appears on a mannequin’s head in Nero’s Lair.

What are the names of the Apothicon servant?

Uniquely to the map, the Apothicon Servant also has a total of four different names associated with it based on the character holding it., being Mar-Astagua (Shadow-Servant) for Jack Vincent, Nar-Ullaqua (Teeth-Consume) for Nero Blackstone, Kor-Maroth (Eclipse-Shadow) for Jessica Rose, and Lor-Zarozzor (Flow/Radiate-Decay) for Floyd Campbell.

Can you pick up Apothicon servant in mystery box?

Doing so will allow a single instance of the Apothicon Servant to be picked up and copies added to the Mystery Box weapon pool.

How does the Apothicon servant work in zombies?

The Apothicon Servant (also known as the Interdimensional Gun – in short ID Gun) is a Wonder Weapon in the Zombies maps Shadows of Evil and Revelations. When shot, it produces a purple-coloured black-hole that sucks in zombies that get too close, killing them instantly regardless of what round the player is on, similar to the Gersh Device.

How does Apothicon servant work in shadows of evil?

The black hole will then explode after a set time, killing any zombies nearby. When reloading, the player feeds the Servant with a glowy food. Within Shadows of Evil, the Apothicon Servant can be built utilising parts obtained from the Apothicon forces and assembled at a standard buildable table.