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What is the animal that shouts Alan?

The show was aired on BBC One back in 2009…but is still as popular today on social media as it was then! The videos include the Not-Very-Scary-Sharks, the Scratching and hip-hop loving Badgers, the DIY Orangutan, dieting Pandas, the Vultures Flying School and of course a Marmot called Alan.

Is Alan a squirrel?

JB watched a BBC wildlife documentary ad on YouTube featuring a marmot named Alan (yep, that’s right Alan wasn’t technically a squirrel) and somehow the name stuck. His middle name is Neo, a nod to the character in The Matrix, which goes along with our brand philosophy of offering people the red pill – the truth.

Who voiced walk on the wild side?

Cast & Crew

Main cast
Jon Richardson Various (Voice)
Gavin Webster Various (Voice)
Pal Aron Various (Voice)
Nick Helm Various (Voice)

What channel is walk on the wild side?

Walk on the Wild Side (TV series)

Walk on the Wild Side
Running time 30 minutes
Production companies BBC Worldwide (production) BBC Earth (natural history footage)
Original network BBC One

How do you spell Alan?

Alan is also an Old Breton personal name (from which the modern English Alan is ultimately derived), as well as being a Norman French name….Alan (given name)

Language(s) English, Old Breton, Celtic, Norman French
Other names
Variant form(s) Allan, Allen, Allyn, Alen, Alin
Short form(s) Al, Allie, Ally, Ali
See also Alun

Do meerkats scream?

Meerkats purr to show contentment and attachment. They chatter when they’re nervous, and they squeal when danger presents itself.

Where was work on the Wild Side filmed?

South Africa
With production units working across dozens of different locations, the series was shot on location in South Africa by Waddell Media, a leading producer of factual, lifestyle and entertainment programming for the UK, Irish and international markets, based in Holywood, Co Down, Northern Ireland.

Is Allen a unisex name?

Gender Popularity of the Name “Allen” Boy or Girl? Allen: It’s a boy! Since 1880, a total of 262,072 boys have been given the name Allen while we have no record of any girls being named Allen.

Is Alan a male or female name?

Alan (given name)

Pronunciation /ˈælən/
Gender Male
Language(s) English, Old Breton, Celtic, Norman French
Other names
Variant form(s) Allan, Allen, Allyn, Alen, Alin

Who is Emma de Jager married to?

Michael De Jager
Emma was united in marriage, to Michael De Jager, on Dec. 30, 1979, at Second Christian Reformed Church, in Randolph. Emma was a beautician for 50 years. She enjoyed gardening, painting, quilting, and crocheting.