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What is the administrative fee on my Sprint bill?

Like AT, Sprint has raised the “administrative fee” it tacks on to the bills of its wireless customers, according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal. Users on Reddit and other forums report seeing the fee increase — from $1.99 to $2.50 per month — on their bills as early as March of this year.

Why does Sprint charge an administrative fee?

The amount can vary from time to time. Similar to the administrative charge, the monthly regulatory charge is billed per line. It’s used to defray costs of various federal, state and local regulatory programs, according to Sprint. Again, this fee is not government-mandated.

What is the administrative charge on cell phone bill?

Administrative Charge: Carriers charge an administrative fee to cover costs like maintenance and interconnection (i.e., when you make a phone call to someone on a different wireless network than yours). State and Local Taxes: Each state, county, and city imposes its own taxes on wireless service.

What is included in Admin fee?

The admin fee is the fee you pay for the landlord or agent taking the time to do your application all while holding the apartment off the market. The fee typically ranges between $50 and $200 however, in some states, the amount a landlord charges is regulated.

What is a deregulated administration fee?

Deregulated Administration Fee — The Deregulated Administration Fee recovers costs associated with administration and provision of many products and services such as maintenance and entertainment services. This fee is not a tax or fee required by the government.

Is administration a fee?

The admin fee is payable at the time of buying a car. Generally, it is given on the window sticker with all the details. This fee is charged for processing and the documentation involved in the process of selling.

Are admin fees paid monthly?

More Definitions of Monthly Administration Fee Monthly Administration Fee means a monthly fee paid to the Organizer of the Recipient of the Loan or Credit for the provision of administration services until the full performance of obligations under the Loan or Consumer Credit Agreement.

What is an administrative service fee?

Administrative Service Fee — The Administrative Service Fee (ASF) recovers costs associated with tariff and price guide filings, collections, record maintenance, various state business licenses, various regulatory fees where applicable, general account servicing, and the administrative costs the Company incurs for …

What is administrative charge?

An administrative charge or fee is an expense charged to cover costs associated with opening, maintaining, changing, or closing an insurance policy. Some charges may be universal for all policy-holders, such as initiation or termination fees.

How much is the administrative fee for Sprint?

Sprint, which announced plans to merge with T-Mobile back in April, also quietly hiked its administrative fee earlier this year according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Users on Reddit say the line item fee climbed from $1.99 to $2.50 per month, an increase of nearly 26 percent.

How does sprint charge for long distance calls?

Sprint charges a monthly fee per line to recover the cost of these contributions and may include other charges also related to this governmental program. There are different assessment rates applicable to long distance and international charges, and to non-long distance charges, creating two line items on the invoice.

How does sprint recover the gross receipts tax?

Sprint may choose to recover the costs associated with these gross receipts taxes by charging customers a monthly recovery fee on each line of service. Gross Receipts Fees appear as a separate line item in the surcharges or Surcharges and Fees section of your invoice.