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What is starstorm?

Starstorm is a huge mod for Risk of Rain which expands on the game’s content respecting the original vision and concepts while also improving on them significantly! The mod adds over 40 items, 6 survivors, enemies, artifacts, stages and much, MUCH MORE!

What does starstorm 2 add?

Overview. Starstorm 2 is a work-in-progress RoR2 port of Starstorm, a diverse gameplay and content mod for Risk of Rain 1. It features two new survivors, over 20 new items and equipment, 1 new stage and a new, dangerous event to shake up your runs.

What is commandos vestige?

Vestiges (Also referred to as Nemeses) are late game post-void survivor-like bosses that can hold items and are extremely dangerous. The following vestiges exist: Nemesis Commando.

Can Lucas learn PK starstorm?

As Ness learned this move from Poo, Princess Kumatora taught PK Starstorm to Lucas when he learned he would appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

How do I install starstorm?

Download the modloader from the top left of the website.

  1. Extract to your …
  2. Start RoRML_Launcher.exe and through the launcher, navigate to the “Rainfusion” tab.
  3. Scroll down until you find Starstorm and click on it.
  4. Two tabs should pop up, click on the download tab and click on the latest version.

How do you unlock Baroness Startorm?

Mysterious Unpowered Vehicle To finish this quest and unlock Baroness, the player must head to the Sunken Tomb stage and activate the next interactable which will be located in the top left part of the map.

How do you get commando incorruptible?

Similar to The Long Road challenge, the Commando: Incorruptible challenge requires players to finish 20 stages in a single run as Commando, only this time players can’t grab any Lunar items in the run. This is best completed in co-op with a player that scales better in the earlier stages such as Loader.

How do you unlock commando?

Unlocked via the Commando: Incorruptible Challenge. (As Commando, clear 20 stages in a single run without picking up any Lunar items.) The timer for the explosion begins after the first bounce and is 1 second long.

Where can I find the Starstorm Mod Database?

More information on Starstorm, including features and content to look forward to in SS2, can be found in its info section at or its wiki at

Where can I find Starstorm 2 on Discord?

For more information on SS2, including development updates and an outlet for feedback and bug reports, visit our Discord server at Executioner – An aggressive, versatile survivor with an arsenal made for picking off targets and chaining kills.

When do void elites spawn in Starstorm 2?

Void Elites – These otherworldly elites gradually dampen your movement speed and jump height if you linger inside their spheres of influence. Ordinarily they begin spawning after looping back to stage 1, but beware – if you have a propensity for dimension-hopping, you may meet them earlier, alongside another unwelcome visitor…