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What is special about Moleskine notebooks?

“Moleskine notebooks absorb inks and markers really well without bleeding,” he enthuses. “The pages stand up to aggressive erasing. Price-wise, it’s more expensive than your typical grade school notebook, but if you want quality it’s worth the extra expense.”

What are moleskin journals?

The Moleskine Cahiers are journals with a flexible heavy-duty writable cardboard cover in black with visible stitching on the spine. The last 16 sheets are detachable and there is a pocket for loose notes. Each set of 3 pieces includes the Moleskine history.

Is Moleskine bullet journaling good?

Among the most popular bullet journal notebooks, Moleskine has some of the thinnest paper. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t take a beating. In my bullet journal watercolor test, I pushed my Moleskine classic notebook to the limit and it survived.

Why are Moleskine journals so popular?

Journals and notebooks of this brand usually last longer than others, which makes sense as they are made with high-quality materials. Hard and semi-hard covers allow you to even sit on them if they are in your back pocket; however, with reasonable care, Moleskine journals will serve you well for many years.

Does Moleskine lay flat?

The sleek and sophisticated design looks good on my desk, it’s a convenient size to keep on my desk, and the elastic band closure keeps everything in tidy. The “lay flat” design is a lifesaver when on the phone or computer and the ribbon bookmark also makes it easy to find the next blank page.

How do you fix Moleskine?

How to Fix a Broken Moleskine

  1. Step 1: Make a Tube. Use some tough paper to make a tube.
  2. Step 2: Attach Tube. Open the broken back all the way,
  3. Step 3: Fit the Cover to the Book. Adjust the cover to wrap around the book the way it is supposed to fit.
  4. Step 4: Let Dry Overnight.

Is moleskin good for blisters?

Moleskin is an effective way to protect existing blisters and prevent new ones from forming. You can even apply it to the inside of your shoes if they tend to rub against your skin in certain places. Just make sure you don’t place it directly over a blister, which can damage the roof of the blister.