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What is software reconfiguration?

A software reconfiguration pattern is a solution to a problem in component-based software systems where the configuration needs to be updated while the system is operational. It defines how a set of components participating in a software pattern cooperate to change the configuration.

How do you reconfigure an FPGA?

An FPGA can be partially reconfigured using a partial bitstream. You can use such a partial bitstream to change the structure of one part of an FPGA design as the rest of the device continues to operate.

What is partial reconfiguration?

Partial Reconfiguration is the ability to dynamically modify blocks of logic by downloading partial bit files while the remaining logic continues to operate without interruption.

What is reconfigurability in FPGA?

Reconfigurable computing is an architecture deal with the flexibility of high performance of hardware and software components by processing with computing platforms like Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). They are reprogrammed to specific application based on their functionality needs after manufacturing.

Which is an example of reconfigurable device?

Technologies commonly used to implement reconfigurable computing include Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

What is configuration in programming?

Configuration is the manner in which components are arranged to make up the computer system. Configuration consists of both hardware and software components. Sometimes, people specifically point to hardware arrangement as hardware configuration and to software components as software configuration.

How many times can FPGA be reprogrammed?

There is effectively no limit to the number of times a device can be reconfigured; the configuration is stored in SRAM, which has no write limit. most Fpgas can be passively loaded from a processor, one word at a time. That processor can get the FPGA image from anywhere.

What are the different applications of reconfigurable computing?

A number of Scientific & Engineering applications find RC technology useful. To name a few: satellite networks with adaptive communication algorithms, scalable computing systems, Encryption/Decryption engines and Pattern recognition.

What is dynamic function eXchange?

Dynamic Function eXchange (DFX) allows for the reconfiguration of modules within an active design. This flow requires the implementation of multiple configurations, which ultimately results in full bitstreams for each configuration and partial bitstreams for each Reconfigurable Module.

What are reconfigurable devices?

Reconfigurable hardware devices are hardware devices in which the functionality of the logic gates is customizable at run-time. The connections between the logic gates are also configurable. The most common type of reconfigurable hardware device is an FPGA, or Field Programmable Gate Array.

What is meant by reconfigurability?

Reconfigurability denotes the Reconfigurable Computing capability of a system, so that its behavior can be changed by reconfiguration, i. e. by loading different configware code. This static reconfigurability distinguishes between reconfiguration time and run time.

How is partial re-configuration used in reconfigurable computing?

Partial re-configuration is the process of changing a portion of reconfigurable hardware circuitry while the other portion keeps its former configuration. Field programmable gate arrays are often used as a support to partial reconfiguration.

How are field programmable gate arrays used in reconfigurable computing?

Field programmable gate arrays are often used as a support to partial reconfiguration. Electronic hardware, like software, can be designed modularly, by creating subcomponents and then higher-level components to instantiate them.

When did the concept of reconfigurable computing begin?

The concept of reconfigurable computing has existed since the 1960s, when Gerald Estrin’s paper proposed the concept of a computer made of a standard processor and an array of “reconfigurable” hardware. The main processor would control the behavior of the reconfigurable hardware.

What is the meaning of the word reconfiguration?

: a new or different relative arrangement of parts or elements : the rearrangement of a previous configuration But a $132 million reconfiguration of the yard began in 2015 and was scheduled to be completed this spring, a project that includes the new bypass around the yard for freight and passenger trains.