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What is shrub maintenance?

Choose shrubs that thrive in your area, plant them properly and give them room to grow. Make sure to water thoroughly while they are becoming established and continue to water when necessary. Prune to shape, encourage blooms, and remove lanky, dead, or crossing stems.

Does TruGreen take care of trees?

TruGreen combines a variety of services such as targeted trunk injection, root zone fertilization and horticultural oil application to create a comprehensive, science-based treatment plan for your trees and shrubbery. TruGreen’s Tree & Shrub Guarantee® ensures that you are 100% satisfied with your service, guaranteed.

Does TruGreen remove shrubs?

Yes. Customers benefit from our Healthy Tree and Shrub Guarantee®, which means we will gladly re-visit your property between scheduled visits at no additional cost to make necessary adjustments to deliver quality results for your trees and shrubs.

How much does shrub trimming cost?

The average cost to trim a shrub is about $60 to $75 per hour or $6 to $8 per shrub….Cost of shrub trimming.

Size in ft. Size Price
Large shrub 9 ft. $75 to $150
Cost per man hour 1 hour $60 to $75

How do I maintain my bushes?

How to Take Care of Shrubs?

  1. Plant the Shrubs at the Right Time.
  2. Schedule the Watering Process.
  3. Follow Proper Feeding Habits.
  4. Prune at the Right Times.
  5. Stalk or Tie the branches.
  6. Test the Soil.
  7. Look out for Pests in the Lawn.
  8. Retain the Moisture by Mulching.

What is it called when you cut bushes?

Pruning is defined, according to the dictionary, as “trimming (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth.”

Should you mow before TruGreen comes?

You usually don’t want to mow your lawn within 24 hours before any such treatment. This is because if you mow right before an herbicide treatment, there isn’t much leaf area left to absorb the weed control. If a broadleaf weed control doesn’t come in contact with enough of the plant’s foliage, it won’t be effective.

Should I cut my grass before TruGreen comes?

When should you trim bushes?

Winter is usually the best time. Dormant pruning is usually done in late winter, six to 10 weeks before the average last frost in your area. You can prune shrubs at any time of year if it’s necessary—for example, to remove broken branches or dead or diseased wood, or to remove growth that is obstructing a walkway.

What month should you trim bushes?