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What is reified consciousness?

ABSTRACT: The concept of reification is used by Marx to describe a form of social consciousness in which human relations come to be identified with the physical properties of things, thereby acquiring an appearance of naturalness and inevitability.

What does reification mean in philosophy?

Reification (also known as concretism, hypostatization, or the fallacy of misplaced concreteness) is a fallacy of ambiguity, when an abstraction (abstract belief or hypothetical construct) is treated as if it were a concrete real event or physical entity.

What is an example of reification in sociology?

Reification is a complex idea for when you treat something immaterial—like happiness, fear, or evil—as a material thing. For example, if you think of justice as something physical, you’re confusing ideas and things, which can lead to problems.

What does reification mean in psychology?

n. treating an abstraction, concept, or formulation as though it were a real object or material thing.

Why is reification bad?

A relative newcomer to the world of logical fallacies, reification is difficult to place and its status as a fallacy not that well understood. In general, reification involves taking something that is abstract, like an idea or concept, and making it concrete, or assigning it a concrete, ‘real’ existence.

What is another word for reification?

What is another word for reification?

hypostatization objectification
pathetic fallacy thingification

What is cultural reification?

It is often claimed, for example, that the concept of culture is a reification, since we have a tendency to think of “a culture” as a completed object, a “thing” we can “touch and feel”, which all members of the culture share – rather than a complex aggregate of processes, which different people participate in, to a …

What is self reification?

65–73) writes of an important aspect of reification which involves a self-reification; the manner in which we treat our thoughts and experiences, as fixed, thing-like and as property that can be owned and produced. …

What is the opposite of reification?

We have listed all the opposite words for reification alphabetically. disorganization. anarchy. chaos. confusion.

How do you use reify in a sentence?

Reify in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The attorney tried to reify the statement so it would become more real for the jury.
  2. People always thought the man to be a cheat and a liar, but the latest news article will reify that fact.
  3. By reperforming the test, the scientist was able to reify the results and make them more concrete.

What is reified in anthropology?

Anthropologists are often concerned to show that social and cultural phenomena are results of underlying processes that we have a tendency to overlook, and that they are thus “something other than what they seem to be”. Reification stands for the opposite: that we take phenomena for given, as they appear to us.

What is reified in Kotlin?

To access the information about the type of class, we use a keyword called reified in Kotlin. In order to use the reified type, we need to use the inline function. If a function is marked as inline , then wherever the function is called, the compiler will paste the whole body of the function there.

What is the meaning of the word reified?

Define reified. reified synonyms, reified pronunciation, reified translation, English dictionary definition of reified. tr.v. re·i·fied , re·i·fy·ing , re·i·fies To regard or treat as if it had concrete or material existence. re′i·fi·ca′tion n. re′i·fi′er n.

What do you need to know about reification?

This lesson describes reification, which is the tendency for individuals to ascribe a definitive value or form to an abstract concept. It is also the brain’s ability to ”fill-in-the-blanks” when visual information is missing. Updated: 05/31/2020 What Is Reification?

What is the definition of reification in Marxism?

Petrović, in A Dictionary of Marxist Thought, defines reification as: The act (or result of the act) of transforming human properties, relations and actions into properties, relations and actions of man‑produced things which have become independent (and which are imagined as originally independent)…

Which is an example of a reification construction?

This form of reification is a construction or generative perception where an object is perceived as having more spatial information than is actually present in the original stimulus. Here’s another example. In this white square, just like the orb from earlier, reification gives the illusion of details that are not there.