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What is Recaro ASM?

The ASM Limited Ruby seats feature the Recaro Japan’s signature mesh fabric in the center which is durable, comfortable and very breathable for good temperature regulation. As with all ASM Limited seats, these feature the Red double stitching along the edges. Brand: Recaro.

Are Recaro seats FIA approved?

The RECARO System All RECARO racing seats are homologated as complete systems (seats plus fixed or flexible sidemounts) to the FIA’s high standards.

Do Recaro seats fit any car?

A Recaro racing seat will not fit into every make and model of car, so the short answer is no. Recaro makes a wide range of racing seats and each one will fit into a number of different cars, but they will not fit in every single car. You can then measure your own vehicle to determine if the seat will fit.

Are Recaro seats adjustable?

Q: Are RECARO seats height-adjustable? Yes, but not all of the seats. The RECARO Ergomed E and ES, RECARO Style Sportline and Topline, as well as the RECARO Sport Sportline and Topline are height-adjustable.

What does FIA approved mean?

Posted on April 19, 2011 June 1, 2011 by Status Racing. FIA approval is what signifies the difference between a quality safety seat and a generic product. Status Racing wanted to ensure that the drivers sitting in select Status products felt safe, so our engineering team went for the best certification you could get.

How much does a Recaro seat weight?

The OEM driver’s seat, with all bracketry and the seat belt receiver weighs in at 37.4 lbs.

Are Recaro seats comfortable?

Comfort will vary from one person’s body type to another. At least one editor found the Recaros more comfortable, though the majority opinion was that the Recaros, while not as uncomfortable as some optional track seats, sacrificed a good amount of comfort for their holding capability.

What is non FIA?

The Delta RW-6 NON-FIA line of undergarments are designed to provide both comfort and protection to the driver. The DELTA RW-6 NON-FIA is an option to drivers who are not professionally competing but would still like more protection on the track.

Are status seats FIA?

Finally, we have Status Harnesses. These 4pt, 5pt, and 6pt harness kits are FIA approved 3inch with rotary buckle.

How much do Fiesta ST seats weigh?

fronts weigh in at about 20kgs each, and the rear with belts etc, about the same, so with a single lightweight race seat, you could shave 40-50kgs.