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What is rear standing at Brixton Academy?

The standing area is as you say sloped from the back and has crash barriers too so the view will be pretty good wherever you are.

Are there seats at Brixton Academy?

O2 Academy Brixton/Capacity

An internationally renowned, award-winning venue, O2 Academy Brixton can be hired as a concert space for events with a capacity up to 4,921, or as a fully seated format for 2,315 people.

What is the circle at Brixton Academy?

The circle area is a unreserved seating area with rear standing so a seat isn’t guaranteed but only the last few people who enter don’t get a seat (assuming it’s sold out).

Does O2 Academy Brixton have a cloakroom?

Cloakroom: Yes, upstairs. But bear in mind it’s a big venue, so you might want to pop up to collect your belongings before the gig ends. Admission: The low end is generally £20 or so for bands on their first Brixton visit.

Who is the owner of the Brixton Academy?

It is owned by the Academy Music Group, and has become one of London’s leading music venues, hosting over 50 live albums, and winning the NME Best Venue 12 times since 1994.

When did the Clash play at Brixton Academy?

In 1981, the venue was remodelled by Sean Treacy, who later ran the entire site services, was re-opened as a rock venue called “Fair Deal” with a concert by UB40 and an interior restoration. The Clash played the venue in 1982 on their Casbah Club tour (30 July) but the venue closed later that year due to debt.

Where is the O2 Academy in Brixton London?

Brixton Academy (originally known as the Astoria Variety Cinema, previously known as Carling Academy Brixton, currently named O2 Academy Brixton as part of a sponsorship deal with the O2 brand), is a mid-sized concert venue located in South London, in the district of Brixton.

How big is the stage at Brixton Academy?

Brixton Academy … the biggest fixed stage in Europe lies inside there. Capacity: 4,921. Who plays there: Every band that can sell 4,900 tickets, or 9,800 tickets or 14,700 tickets (the multi-night stand at Brixton is commonplace). Lots of rock, lots of indie, lots of hip-hop, and the occasional superstar doing an “intimate” show.