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What is Patan NA patola?

Patola is a double ikat woven sari, usually made from silk, made in Patan, Gujarat, India. The word patola is the plural form; the singular is patolu. Patola-weaving is a closely guarded family tradition. There are three families in Patan that weave these highly prized double ikat saris.

Which saying is famous for Patan NA patola?

‘Padi Patole bhaat, phate pan fitey nahin’. As per this famous Gujarati saying patola cloth may tear, but the design and colour never fades. It aptly describes the true nature of the 11-century craft of ‘patola’ – a double-ikat woven sari usually made from silk in Gujarat’s Patan town.

Why is Patan Patola so expensive?

The complexity and time-intensiveness is what makes Patola so valuable. A dizzyingly mathematical process, Patola saris are woven using dyed threads both vertically (warp) and horizontally (weft) to create the design.

Which place is famous for Patola sarees?

Gujarat is known for its world famous double ikat patola from patan. It is a colourful and ostentatious weave with its figured body, along with the subtle merging of one shade into another.

What is the price of Patan Patola?

Patan Patola Sarees Price List

Patan Patola sarees PriceList
Patan Patola Silk Double Ikat Four F… ₹129,000
Patan Patola Silk Double Ikat White … ₹112,500
Patan Patola Double Ikat Paan Bhat P… ₹120,000
Patan Patola Silk Double Ikat Navara… ₹97,000

What is the cost of Patola?

Use Beacon Price List

Use Beacon PRICE (RS)
MIMOSA Yellow Art Silk Embellished Patola Saree Rs. 2398
MIMOSA Pink & Gold-Coloured Art Silk Woven Design Patola Saree Rs. 2144
Unnati Silks Green & Blue Art Silk Handloom Patola Saree Rs. 1699
VASTRANAND Grey & Red Silk Blend Woven Design Patola Saree Rs. 1375

Who is patan King?

Patan was ruled by powerful kings like King Bhimdev, Siddhraj Jaisinh, Kumarpal. Udan, Munjal Mehta, Tejpal – Vastupal were secretaries to Kings in different era of Chaulukya kingdom.

How many years old is patan’s Patola?

Patola saris quickly became a sign of social status among Gujarati women and girls, especially as part of stridhan, items that a woman can claim as her. These art of patan is more than 850 years old.

How do I know my Patan Patola?

For a Patola silk look for the locking system at the back of the sari which is a mark of genuineness. 5. The colour of a Patola silk saree will never fade away and it is also believed that their colour stays for atleast 300 years.

How can I find my Patan Patola saree?

How to identify a Patola saree

  1. The mark of a genuine Patola is that even after heavy wear and tear the colour never fades, making it ideal heirloom material.
  2. Patola sarees are only made of silk as weavers consider cotton a waste for such a precious handloom.

How can I find my Patola saree?

Where are Patola sarees from?

Patola is a double ikat woven sari, usually made from silk, made in Patan, Gujarat, India.