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What is overbuild?

transitive verb. : to build beyond the actual demand of. intransitive verb. : to build houses or commercial developments in excess of demand.

What is over building called?

In architecture, an overhang is a protruding structure that may provide protection for lower levels. An overhanging eave is the edge of a roof, protruding outwards, beyond the side of the building generally to provide weather protection.

Is build upon?

build upon – be based on; of theories and claims, for example; “What’s this new evidence based on?”

What is overbuild in telecom?

A person or organization that overbuilds. (telecommunications) A company that utilizes or builds on an existing telecommunications operator’s network (which includes telco and cable networks). These are often associated with advanced fiber-optic networks.

What do you call an overhang on a house?

The proper term to use when talking about the roof overhang is to call it the roof eaves. The eaves of a roof refer to the edges that extend beyond the wall face. It forms that overhanging structure which makes sure that the water does not damage the siding of house walls.

Do you build on or build off?

Though this might be confusing, “to build off something” means the same as “to build on something,” in this sort of context. To “build on/off an idea” is to use that idea as a sort of basis/foundation or justification.

Is it built in or built in?

Built-in (adj): included as part of something and not separate from it. In-built (adj) is used less frequent: Meaning is the same as above. (So, both can be used to describe that Siri is an in-built/a built-in feature of an iPhone.

What does hinge on mean?

: to be determined or decided by (something) : to depend on (something) The outcome of the election hinges on how the candidates perform in the debate.

What does it mean to overbuild a building?

The architect wanted to overbuild the restaurant on top of an office. To build with excessive size or elaboration. To construct more homes, office buildings, or commercial complexes than necessary in an area. ō-vėr-bild′, v.t. to build over: to build more than is needed.— v.i. to build beyond one’s means.

What does it mean to build an overbuild cable system?

Overbuild refers to building duplicative services within areas that have similar or better existing services. Overbuild means a cable system constructed to serve subscribers in an area of the city served by an existing cable system.

What does overbuild mean in exhibit F-6?

Overbuild means Converted Microfilm Products produced by SKC for which no current Firm Order is in place as defined in Exhibit F-6 and which are transferred to Anacomp as described in Exhibit F-6. Overbuild of primary/secondary utility lines and their supporting structures.