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What is Movie acts of violence about?

Three Midwestern brothers, a crime lord, and an incorruptible police officer are on a deadly collision course when the youngest brother’s fiancée is kidnapped by human traffickers. To save her, the MacGregor boys call on their military training and the strength of family to fight the most important battle of their lives.
Acts of Violence/Film synopsis

Who are the 3 brothers in acts of violence?

Declan seems to be faring much worse emotionally than his younger brothers Brendan (Shawn Ashmore), a fellow vet now happily married to Jessa (Tiffany Brouwer), and Roman (Ashton Holmes), engaged to the beautiful Mia (Melissa Bolona).

What year was the movie act of violence made?

December 21, 1948
Act of Violence/Initial release

What kind of car does Bruce Willis Drive in acts of violence?

Lanesky played the role of a bad guy and gets shot in the movie. White tells us Lanesky also located an old Camaro for Bruce Willis to drive in the film and Willis loved the car.

What is the act of violence?

Act of violence means the use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, that either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, or property damage. Sample 1.

How does the movie act of violence end?

In the end, Deklan and Roman get arrested by the cops, but Max still walks free. As a result, Avery reaches his absolute limit and resigns from his job as a cop. He then heads over to Max’s secret hideout and shoots him before he can escape town.

What happened to Mia in acts of violence?

Unfortunately for him, Mia is nowhere to be found, and the three brothers land themselves in some serious trouble for breaking several laws. This leads them to Avery, who promises them that he’ll help them rescue their sister and even warns them to stay out of the case.

Who produced acts of violence?

Randall Emmett
George FurlaMark StewartAnthony Callie
Acts of Violence/Producers

How did act of violence end?

Who dies in acts of violence?

During this home raid, Brandon gets shot and dies on the spot, but Deklan efficiently manages to kill all of Max’s men. In the nick of time, Max manages to flee the scene before getting shot by Deklan. In the end, Deklan and Roman get arrested by the cops, but Max still walks free.