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What is ITER cryostat?

The ITER cryostat—the largest stainless steel high-vacuum pressure chamber ever built (16,000 m³)—provides the high vacuum, ultra-cool environment for the ITER vacuum vessel and the superconducting magnets. Its base section—1,250 tonnes—will be the single largest load of ITER Tokamak assembly.

How ITER will work?

ITER is designed to produce a ten-fold return on energy (Q=10), or 500 MW of fusion power from 50 MW of input heating power. ITER will not capture the energy it produces as electricity, but—as first of all fusion experiments in history to produce net energy gain—it will prepare the way for the machine that can.

How big is the ITER tokamak?

The ITER Tokamak will be the largest ever built, with a plasma volume of 830 cubic metres. The maximum plasma volume in tokamaks operating today is 100 cubic metres—reached in both Europe’s JET and Japan’s JT-60.

What is ITER vacuum vessel?

The ITER experiments will take place inside the vacuum vessel, a hermetically sealed steel container that houses the fusion reactions and acts as a first safety containment barrier. In its doughnut-shaped chamber, or torus, the plasma particles spiral around continuously without touching the walls.

What is the role of ITER in modern energy sources?

The long-term goal of fusion research is to generate electricity. ITER’s stated purpose is scientific research, and technology demonstration of a large fusion reactor, without electricity generation….ITER.

Eight participating members
Director-General Bernard Bigot

What is the purpose of ITER?

It is an international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject. This will be the world’s largest magnetic confinement plasma physics experiment. The goal of ITER is to establish technological feasibility of fusion energy for peaceful use, and to strengthen the global nuclear fusion industry.

What is the diameter of ITER?

19.4 metres
The ITER vacuum vessel will measure 19.4 metres across (outer diameter), 11.4 metres high, and weigh approximately 5,200 tonnes.

What is blanket module?

The 440 blanket modules that completely cover the inner walls of the vacuum vessel protect the steel structure and the superconducting toroidal field magnets from the heat and high-energy neutrons produced by the fusion reactions. In a fusion power plant, this energy will be used for electrical power production.

Why the plasma shape in tokamak reactor is in doughnut shape?

MCF devices are often shaped like donuts. The magnetic fields don’t heat the fuel directly. They just confine the hot plasma so that the target temperature and density can be reached. Hot fuel atoms are injected into the plasma to provide the heat.