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What is ideal performance state?

The Ideal Performance State (IPS) is performing at your optimum with ultimate calm, confidence, and health. IPS is reached when an individual achieves PERFORM: Personally challenged. Energized with positive emotions. Maintaining confidence.

What is the ideal performance state IPS?

Ideal Performance State is a term that. captures and defines the experience in sport when all the physical, psychological, technical, and tactical elements of. your performance fit together like a perfect puzzle.

Why is it important that athletes be aware of their ideal performance state?

For example, the athlete must be aware of his or her emotional state, or arousal level, and adjust it as needed to reach the optimal arousal level for performance. This structure clarifies for athletes the fact that there is a relationship between the various things that they do to maximize performance.

What is optimal performance zone?

White (2009) refers to the “optimal performance zone”, in which performance can be enhanced by some amount of stress. Yerkes (1907) who reported, “Anxiety improves performance until a certain optimum level of arousal has been reached.

What does optimal performance mean?

Optimal performance is about doing the very best that you can in the moment—whatever that moment might be and whatever “best” looks like.

What is the zone in sport?

In the simplest terms, the “zone” (or “flow” as some sport psychologists’ call it), is generally described as “the pinnacle of achievement for an athlete”, and characterizes “a state in which an athlete performs to the best of his or her ability” (Young & Pain 1999).

What are the six characteristics that are typically reported by athletes when they are in the ideal performance state?

Many have singled out ideal mind-body state factors which are similar across different studies and summarized by Harmison (2011) in seven points: 1) feelings of high self-confidence and expectations of success, 2) being energized yet relaxed, 3) feeling in control, 4) being totally concentrated, 5) having a keen focus …

What are the characteristics of the ideal performance state?

While difficult to assess or measure, the ‘zone’ or ideal performance state, it is often reported as being comprised of a balance of excitement and awareness, involving deep concentration and full immersion in the activity where athletes exhibit high levels of skill mastery, self-confidence and an automaticity of …

How can you find your optimal performance psychology?

It is humanistic, scientific, and pragmatic and is comprised of the three components of the Pyramid of Optimal Performance: mental fitness skills, engagement in the flow of activity, and personal satisfaction.

What is optimal performance?

For individuals, teams, and organizations, optimal performance means understanding what those attributes are, how much we have of each, and how to harness them most efficiently. Don’t demand peak performance from yourself or anyone else. It will inevitably end in frustration. Strive instead for optimal performance.

What is difference between optimal and optimum?

Optimal and optimum both mean “best possible” or “most favorable.” Optimal is used solely as an adjective, as in “optimal method of completion, while optimum functions as both a noun, as in something “being at its optimum,” and an adjective, “optimum method,” although this is less common.

How do you use optimal performance in a sentence?

We therefore studied whether optimal performance could be achieved using only one of the conditions. An appropriate texture as well as an appropriate colour was critical for optimal performance. Each new text source requires significant tweaking of handcrafted rules to maintain the optimal performance.

Can a person use the ideal performance state?

The Ideal Performance State focused on athletic performance can be applied to everyone from the corporate executive, attorney, physician, student, parent and well, to everyone. Recently theorists have addressed the spiritual dimension—how deeper values and a sense of purpose influence performance.

How to achieve ideal performance state in tennis?

When a tennis player works on achieving Ideal Performance State, he can do that through 3 main channels / ways: The key attitude associated with IPS is confidence. Confidence means that the player believes he can overcome the challenge he faces.

Which is a building block of ideal performance?

The next building block of the Ideal Performance State is emotional Capacity. An ideal emotional state of being is one of balance. This balanced emotional state includes many positive sensations such as calmness, optimism, focus, confidence, joy, happiness and complete engagement.

Which is the best measure of peak performance?

The Ideal Performance State (IPS) in sports or Peak Performance for athletes is the optimal physiological and pyschological level of arousal measured by muscular tension, heart rate, blood pressure, brain wave patterns and breathing composure that results in peak performance.