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What is Gulp used in a sentence?

Gulp sentence example “Look,” I said as I took a gulp of air to steady myself. She finished the remaining half of her drink in one gulp . She finished the drink she was holding in one gulp and crossed to where he was standing.

What is the meaning of Gulp?

1 : to swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one swallow. 2 : to keep back as if by swallowing gulp down a sob. 3 : to take in readily as if by swallowing gulp down knowledge.

What is the word gulp an example of?

The definition of a gulp is an amount swallowed, or an act of deep or quick swallowing or inhaling. An example of a gulp is swallowing two ounces of water all in one swig. Gulp is defined as to swallow or inhale quickly or deeply. An example of gulp is to swallow massive swigs of soda.

How do you use gulp down in a sentence?

She held it to his mouth and slowly tilted it forward, letting him gulp down the tea. He would prefer hot chocolate, which many French children gulp down from bowls and into which they dunk their morning tartine.

How does gulp work?

Gulp is a cross-platform, streaming task runner that lets developers automate many development tasks. At a high level, gulp reads files as streams and pipes the streams to different tasks. These tasks are code-based and use plugins. The tasks modify the files, building source files into production files.

What means gulp down?

to swallow eagerly, or in large drafts or morsels (often followed by down): He gulps down his food like a starving man. to suppress, subdue, or choke back as if by swallowing: to gulp down a sob.

How is the word’gulp’used in a sentence?

The child will rapidly gulp down air which distends the stomach, and is then regurgitated with a loud sound. He swallowed down the tea with a gulp, and rammed the bread into his pocket. Such fishes as the garpike and the bowfin have lung-like air-bladders and gulp air from the surface of the water.

What did the old man say with a gulp?

“Five minutes to twelve, baby,” said the old man, and his voice had a gulp in it that broke June down. He made the speech with a gulp, as though it were distasteful to him. He got the question out with a separate gulp for each separate word.

Why does a Baikal seal take a gulp of water?

Baikal seals may be using these teeth to efficiently sieve their plankton prize from the lake, expelling excess water with every gulp, the researchers say. Even so distant, I can taste the grief, / Bitter and sharp with stalks, he made you gulp …Where bridal London bows the other way.