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What is GSP in Grails?

Groovy Servers Pages (or GSP for short) is Grails’ view technology. It is designed to be familiar for users of technologies such as ASP and JSP, but to be far more flexible and intuitive.

How do you comment on GSP?

Select a block containing both elements and possibly white spaces. Ctrl+Slash to comment. Result: Java/Groovy line comments are inserted outside the scriptlets, into HTML context. If some template text is also inside selection, then correct, GSP comments are inserted.

How do I apply for Grails?

3.2 Grails Application Forge Go to and use the Grails Application Forge to generate your Grails project. You can choose your project type (Application or Plugin), pick a version of Grails, and choose a Profile – then click “Generate Project” to download a ZIP file. No Grails installation necessary!

What is render in Grails?

Description. A multi-purpose method for rendering responses to the client which is best illustrated with a few examples! Warning – this method does not always support multiple parameters. For example, if you specify both collection and model, the model parameter will be ignored. Parameters.

What is GSP full form?

GSP full form is Generalized System of Preferences is a unique tariff system extended to developing countries by developed countries. It allows low to zero tariff imports from developing countries making it a preferential agreement.

What is GSP Java?

Groovy Server Pages (GSP) is a view technology which can be used for designing web application using Grails Framework. Developing GSP are very much similar to that of designing web pages with Active Server Pages (ASP) and Java Server Pages (JSP) but coding is very much simpler and easier than both of them.

How do you open Grails?

Running a Grails Application Using run-app

  1. Go to the application directory. For example, go to the as-install /grails/samples/helloworld directory.
  2. Run the grails run-app command. The grails run-app command starts the Enterprise Server in the background and runs the application in one step.

How do I create a Grails service?

You can create a Grails service by running the create-service command from the root of your project in a terminal window:

  1. grails create-service simple.
  2. class SimpleService { }
  3. class CountryService { static transactional = false }
  4. import org.springframework.transaction.annotation.*
  5. static scope = “flow”

What is GSP eligibility?

In order to be imported under GSP, a product must be imported directly from a BDC that is eligible for GSP treatment for that product. At least 35% of the value of an eligible product must be produced in a BDC, or in two or more countries that are part of a GSP-recognized association of countries.

What is GSP India?

A GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) is a licenced intermediary that provides third-party applications to businesses to access the GST portal, and help them with their GST compliance.

Where is Grails installed?

A Grails framework runs on top of a Java platform, hence the first step is to install a Java Development Kit (JDK) on your local machine.

Where to find Grails-GSP plugin in Gradle?

In addition for production compilation you should apply the grails-gsp Gradle plugin: GSPs themselves live in the grails-app/views directory and are typically rendered automatically (by convention) or with the render method such as: A GSP is typically a mix of mark-up and GSP tags which aid in view rendering.

How to identify a template in Grails GSP?

Grails uses the convention of placing an underscore before the name of a view to identify it as a template. For example, you might have a template that renders Books located at grails-app/views/book/_bookTemplate.gsp:

How are logical and iterative tags used in GSP?

GSP also supports logical and iterative tags out of the box. For logic there are if, else and elseif tags for use with branching: Use the each and while tags for iteration: If you have collections of objects you often need to sort and filter them. Use the findAll and grep tags for these tasks:

What does a GSP tag start with in JSP?

All built-in GSP tags start with the prefix g:. Unlike JSP, you don’t specify any tag library imports. If a tag starts with g: it is automatically assumed to be a GSP tag. An example GSP tag would look like: