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What is GSA City Pair?

The City Pair Program (CPP) was developed to provide discounted air passenger transportation services to federal government travelers. The two tier fare structure includes a YCA fare and a deeply discounted _CA fare in selected markets.

What is the City Pairs program?

The City Pair Program (CPP) is a mature, Government-wide solution providing discounted air passenger transportation services to Federal Government travelers. Part of GSA’s mission is to assist Federal agencies with cost saving practices, and that includes procuring the best priced airfares for Federal travelers.

Who can use the City Pair Program?

In general, federal (civilian and military) employees on official travel and persons authorized to travel directly at the government’s expense (with the exception of contractors) are required to use the City Pair Program unless one of the limited exceptions in Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) 301-10.107 applies.

What is a city pair fare?

In commercial aviation, a city pair is defined as a pair of departure (origin) and arrival (destination) airport codes on a flight itinerary. A given city pair may be a single non-stop flight segment, a direct flight with one or more stops, or an itinerary with connecting flights (multiple segments).

What is the advantage of GSA City Pair flights?

In addition to offering considerable discounts, the City Pair Program allows the federal government maximum flexibility in how it books air travel, with benefits including no cancellation or change fees.

What is one advantage of the GSA City Pair flights?

What is one of the advantages of the GSA City Pair flights? Discounted, capacity-controlled seats are available on every flight.

What is one of the advantages of GSA City Pair flights?

Which meal rate will apply to the traveler?

According to the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR), travelers are entitled to 75% of the prescribed meals and incidental expenses for one day travel away from your official station if it is longer than 12 hours.

What does YCA fare mean?

discounted unrestricted fare
In many City Pairs, there are two contract fares, also known as Dual Fares: a highly discounted unrestricted fare (YCA), and a capacity controlled fare (_CA) with an even deeper discount. _CA fares have a limited number of seats, but no other restrictions.

What is city pair availability?

City Pair availability provides the ability to search and display availability in the Sabre system by cabin. It allows to search exclusively by specific cabin type, or to search availability excluding specific cabin types.

What are contract fares?

Government contract fares, known as GSA City Pair fares, are refundable/changeable, have no advance purchase/ticketing requirement, and have no capacity controls so there is no limit to the number of seats that the Government can purchase.

What is a DG fare?

DISCOUNTED GOVERNMENT FARES (DG Fares) – Discounted government (DG) fares, sometimes referred to as “Me Too” fares, are offered by other non-contract airlines to match GSA contract fares. The first letter of the fare basis code can be any letter, e.g., YDG, MDG, or KDG, and are not guaranteed until ticketed.

Who is in charge of the city pair program?

The General Service Administration (GSA) administers the City Pair Program for Government civilian employees and uniformed members traveling on official business.

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When was the GSA city pair program created?

City Pair Program (CPP) | GSA City Pair Program (CPP) The City Pair Program (CPP) was developed to provide discounted air passenger transportation services to federal government travelers. At its inception in 1980, this service covered only 11 markets.