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What is Duodart used to treat?

Duodart is indicated for the treatment and prevention of the progression of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in patients with an enlarged prostate, to reduce prostate size, alleviate symptoms, improve urinary flow and reduce the risk of acute urinary retention (AUR) and the need for BPH related surgery.

What are the side effects of Duodart?

The most commonly reported side effects are:

  • impotence (inability to achieve or maintain an erection)
  • decrease in libido (sex drive)
  • difficulty with ejaculation.
  • breast swelling or tenderness.
  • dizziness.
  • difficulty in sleeping (insomnia)

Does Duodart affect blood pressure?

There is a theoretical risk of enhanced hypotensive effects when tamsulosin hydrochloride is co-administered with drugs which can reduce blood pressure, including anaesthetic agents, PDE5 inhibitors and other alpha-1 adrenergic blockers. DUODART should not be used in combination with other alpha-1 adrenergic blockers.

Who makes Duodart?

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) today announced that Duodart®, a fixed dose combination (FDC) of dutasteride (0.5mg), and tamsulosin (0.4mg) has received approval in Europe via the Decentralised Procedure with Germany acting as Reference Member State.

Is Duodart better than Flomaxtra?

Dutasteride with tamsulosin is significantly more effective than tamsulosin monotherapy in reducing prostate size, improving symptoms and urinary flow, and reducing the incidence of urinary retention and prostate surgery.

Are the side effects of Duodart reversible?

THURSDAY, March 10 (HealthDay News) — Drugs frequently prescribed to treat hair loss or an enlarged prostate may contribute to irreversible sexual dysfunction in men, new research finds.

What kind of Medicine is Duodart 0.5 mg?

Duodart is a medicine that contains two active substances: dutasteride (0.5 mg), and tamsulosin (0.4 mg). It belongs to a group of medicines called alpha-adrenergic antagonists (also called alpha blockers). Dutasteride blocks the action of 5-alpha reductase enzymes.

Are there any side effects from taking Duodart?

Medicines used in the treatment of depression, such as: nafazodon. Concomitant use of Duodart with this medicine may increase the level of Duodart in the blood, increasing the risk of side effects. alfuzosin, and others.

Can you take Duodart if you have prostate cancer?

Taking DUODART will reduce the amount of PSA measured in your blood. You could still be at risk for prostate cancer even though your PSA is lower. Your doctor can still use PSA to help detect prostate cancer, by comparing your test results each time you have a PSA test.

Can you take Duodart with other alpha blockers?

Concomitant use of Duodart with this medicine may increase the level of Duodart in the blood, increasing the risk of side effects. Other alpha-blockers, such as: prazosin, teraozosin, doxazosin, alfuzosin, and others. Concomitant use of Duodart with these medicine increase the risk of hypotension.