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What is drive pressure Cummins?

Probably not the best description, but drive pressure can roughly be described as the resistance to exhaust flow or back pressure. It is the force of the exhaust gasses exerting against the turbine wheel in the turbocharger.

What is Turbo Drive pressure?

Drive pressure is the amount of force (in pounds per square inch) that is being used to spin the turbocharger. A drive-to-boost pressure ratio of 1:1 is ideal, although in reality, drive pressure is usually a bit higher than boost pressure.

How does a VGT turbo work on a Cummins?

On the 6.7L, the VGT has a patented one-piece sliding nozzle that continuously moves to vary the power of the turbine and the amount of air delivered to the engine. Exhaust gas enters the turbine section of the turbocharger as it leaves the exhaust manifold. Pressure from the exhaust gas causes the turbine to rotate.

What happens when turbo actuator goes bad?

If the electronic actuator has failed to open the nozzle ring assembly vanes under acceleration, the turbo will also fail to operate efficiently. If the vanes are set to a closed position, it can cause choking of the engine or overspeeding of the turbine.

Does the 6.7 Cummins have a wastegate?

Yes a wastegate controls overall boost pressure by controlling drive pressure.

How does the VGT control boost pressure?

higher low-end maximum torque: a variable geometry turbocharger can improve the maximum torque of the engine in the low-end area due to the ability of the turbocharger to provide a higher air mass quantity; this translates into more fuel being injected, hence a higher mean effective pressure and torque.

Do VGT turbos have Wastegates?

Variable geometry turbos do not have a wastegate to regulate exhaust flow. The need for a wastegated turbo is to balance the air fuel ratio. Having a wastegate lets the turbocharger act like a big turbo at low RPM, and a standard size turbo at higher RPM.

Do you need to calibrate turbo actuator?

It is important to note that most electronically controlled VGT actuators will need to be calibrated once removed or replaced.

What is the VGT actuator driver code for Cummins?

VGT Actuator Driver Circuit – Abnormal Update Rate Cummins Internal Use Only 25 Fault Code 2636 (QuickServe Online) VGT Actuator Driver Circuit – Abnormal Update Rate Cummins Internal Use Only

Which is the best turbonator for 5.9 Cummins?

The DPS Turbonator ® for 5.9 cummins & 6.7 Cummins is also an excellent choice for the primary charger in a twin (compound) turbo application. Let us help you decide the correct turbo. Phone Number (801)930-8404 Whether you’re towing, racing, daily driving, or just need a stock replacement, this turbo does it all.

Are there any problems with the VGT turbo?

It has the ability to help meet stringent emissions standards and the capability of doubling as an exhaust brake, but they have several key weaknesses. Stuck vanes are one of the biggest problems experienced with VGT turbochargers.

How does a variable geometry turbocharger ( VGT ) work?

With the ability to vary the flow of exhaust gasses across the turbine wheel, variable geometry turbochargers (VGT’s) get us as close as possible to having the best of both worlds. At low rpm, restriction in the exhaust side (i.e. drive side) of the turbo is increased, effectively making the VGT act like a much smaller turbo.