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What is Clutter in graphics?

Clutter is a GObject-based graphics library for creating hardware-accelerated user interfaces. Clutter is an OpenGL-based ‘interactive canvas’ library and does not contain any graphical control elements. It relies upon OpenGL (1.4+) or OpenGL ES (1.1 or 2.0) for rendering,.

What is Clutter in linux?

Clutter is an OpenGL-based toolkit, described as an “open-source software library for creating fast, visually rich and animated graphical user interfaces”. Developed by Fluendo, Elisa is a 3-D media center—one of the most sophisticated alternatives to software such as Windows Media Center available for Linux.

What is mutter gnome? Mutter is a window manager initially designed and implemented for the X Window System, but then evolved to be a Wayland compositor. It became the default window manager in GNOME 3, replacing Metacity which used GTK for rendering.

Does gnome use OpenGL?

GNOME uses an implementation of the OpenGL API called Mesa.

What is clutter data?

Clutter Data produced by DMTI Spatial Inc., is a digital landuse file at 30 metre resolution. The data was captured from the 1:50 000 National Topographic Database maps. The clutter data can be used in conjunction with the Digital Elevation Model dataset produced by DMTI Spatial Inc..

What is clutter in data visualization?

Clutter denotes a disordered collection of graphical entities in in- formation visualization. Clutter can obscure the structure present in the data. Even in a small dataset, clutter can make it hard for the viewer to find patterns and reveal relationships.

What is Mutter package?

Mutter is a Wayland display server and X11 window manager and compositor library. It contains functionality related to, among other things, window management, window compositing, focus tracking, workspace management, keybindings and monitor configuration. This package contains the mutter executable.

What language does Mutter mean mother?

First off, die Mutter is the official word for mother or mum/mom in German, but you’ll often hear variations including Mama, Mami, Mutti, Mutterchen, and Mutterlein.

What is clutter GIS?

Clutter refers to a Land Use/Land Cover classification of surface features which impact on radio wave propagation. These features are classed according to their physical and electrical properties.

What is clutter Telecom?

Merriam-Webster defines clutter first as “a crowded or confused mass or collection,” and then as “interfering radar echoes caused by reflection from objects (as on the ground) other than the target.” As we work to make the most efficient use of the radio spectrum, including by sharing it, we need to better understand …

What is cognitive clutter?

But research shows disorganisation and clutter have a cumulative effect on our brains. Our brains like order, and constant visual reminders of disorganisation drain our cognitive resources, reducing our ability to focus. The visual distraction of clutter increases cognitive overload and can reduce our working memory.

Where can I find the clutter project wiki?

Clutter is an open source (LGPL 2.1) software library for creating fast, compelling, portable, and dynamic graphical user interfaces. The homepage of the project is available at: The Clutter API reference is available on the GNOME developers website. Bugs should be reported in the GNOME issue tracker.

How can I add clutter to my GNOME application?

Integration in GNOME. Clutter can be embedded into every GNOME application by using the clutter-gtk library. The clutter-gtk library provides a GtkClutterEmbed GTK+ widget which can be used to display a ClutterStage.

Which is the best library for displaying clutter?

The clutter-gtk library provides a Gtk Clutter Embed GTK+ widget which can be used to display a Clutter Stage. Clutter also has a clutter-gst integration library, providing a G Streamer sink that can display the result of a G Streamer video pipeline directly inside a Clutter Texture.

Is there a G streamer sink for clutter?

Clutter also has a clutter-gst integration library, providing a G Streamer sink that can display the result of a G Streamer video pipeline directly inside a Clutter Texture.