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What is CGPA for 2nd class upper?

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) ranges under the four-point Grading Scale for Classification of Degrees: 3.5- 4.00 – First Class Honours, 3.0-3.49 – Second Class Honours (Upper Division), 2.0-2.99 – Second Class Honours (Lower Division) and 1.0-1.99 – Third Class Honours. Thus eliminating the Pass degree.

What is a 2.1 degree in Nigeria?

A second class lower degree or a 2.2 degree in GPA format Is part of the grading system used worldwide and Nigeria inclusive, this GPA means that when the Total cumulative of a semester or a session at the university was totalled, it was below the 3.5-grade mark which makes it a 2.1 and it was above the 2.49-grade mark …

Is Second Class Upper a good result in Nigeria?

A Second Class Degree System A student is said to have an upper second class degree when he graduates with a 2.1. With this grade, you stand a very high chance of employment into respectable offices. This result is also not as bad as it is the minimum grade demanded mostly for employment opportunities.

What is an upper second class pass?

Upper Second. 70% to 74% B. Second. 60% to 69%

Is 2.9 second class upper?

CGPA ranges under the new four (4)- point grading scale for classification of degrees: 3.5- 4.00 – first class honours; 3.0-3.49 – second class honours (upper division); 2.0-2.99 – second class honours (lower division); 1.0-1.99 – third class honours.

What percentage is a second upper class Honours?

UK degree classifications are as follows: First-Class Honours (First or 1st) (70% and above) Upper Second-Class Honours (2:1, 2. i) (60-70%)

How do you calculate second class upper?

First Class Honours -70% and above. Second Class Honours (Upper) -60 to 69% Second Class Honours (Lower) -50 to 59% Pass -40 to 49%

What is the difference between second class upper and second class lower?

Upper Second-Class Honours (60-70%): there are two levels of second class degree. An upper second class, known as a 2:1 or two-one, is the higher of the two levels. Lower Second-Class Honours (50-60%): a 2.2 or two-two is the lower level of the second class degree.

Can I get a job with a second class lower?

SEARCH FOR GRADUATE JOBS THAT ACCEPT 2.2 (SECOND CLASS LOWER) DEGREE HOLDERS. It’s true that many jobs have a minimum degree requirement of a 2.1, but it’s not the case for every employer. There are still renown organizations that still employ graduates with 2.2 (Second Class Lower).

How much is upper second class Honours?

What is a 2 2 in GPA?

The British Graduate Admissions Fact Sheet from McGill University uses the conversion 1st = 4.0; 2:1 = 3.0; 2:2 = 2.7; 3rd = 2.0; Pass = 1.0; Fail = 0.0.

How to get 2.2 degree in GPA in Nigeria?

So to get a 2.2 degree in Nigeria the student has to have been the averaging majority of C grade in their school work which gives them a 3.0 Gpa at the end of their stay in school which is a 2.2 or a second class lower degree.

What is the current grading system in Nigeria?

Starting with the Nigerian university grading system, the National Universities Commission NUC had recently introduced and enforced a new grading system in Nigerian higher institutions. The NUC had ditched the former grading system based on a scale of 5 and introduced a new scale of 4 grading system.

How to calculate CGPA for second semester of college?

Her Second Semester GPA will be 48/16 = 3.0. While her Year 1 Cumulative Grade Point Average ( CGPA), which is the sum of first semester and second semester GPA divide by 2, will be worked out as follows: First Year CGPA = (First semester GPA + Second semester GPA) / 2.

What does CGPA stand for in higher education?

CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average. Grade letter may differ. While some higher institutions make use of ABCDEF, others prefer ABCDF. Polytechnics make do of AB BC in their grading.