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What is Broyles ligament?

A 1-mm x 10-mm band of fibrous tissue that extends from the vocal ligaments to the midline of the inner surface of the upper thyroid cartilage.

Where is the subglottic area?

The lowest part of the larynx; the area from just below the vocal cords down to the top of the trachea. Anatomy of the larynx.

What is anterior commissure of larynx?

The anterior commissure of the larynx is the anterior junction point of the true vocal cords. It is bounded anteriorly by the thyroid cartilage and is part of the laryngeal glottis.

What is cuneiform cartilage?

The cuneiform cartilage is a small, paired cartilage which resides in the aryepiglottic fold. It takes the form of a club-like nodule, visible as an elevation beneath the mucosa (the cuneiform tubercle) anterosuperior to the corniculate cartilages.

What is the Rima Glottidis?

The rima glottidis is the potential space between the vocal ligaments contained within these intrinsic ligaments and membranes. Serving as the primary conduit for airflow within the larynx, the rima glottidis may be open or closed secondary to abduction or adduction of the vocal folds, respectively.

Are Supraglottis and epiglottis the same?

The epiglottis is a flap-like structure sitting above the airway at the base of the tongue. The supraglottis describes the part of the larynx from above the vocal cords to the epiglottis.

What is the function of Supraglottis?

The supraglottic area includes those structures that lie above the true vocal folds (TVF) and below the tongue base. The anatomical structures present in this area that are important to speech production lie posterior to the epiglottis.

What is the function of the subglottis?

The subglottis or subglottic region is the lower portion of the larynx, extending from just beneath the vocal cords down to the top of the trachea. The structures in the subglottis are implicated in the regulation of the temperature of the breath.

What are Supraglottis and subglottis?

supraglottis which is situated between the base of tongue and the vocal cords, glottis composed of the vocal cords and the false vocal cords. subglottis which is a part of the larynx situated just below the vocal cords and upto the trachea.

What is commissure meaning?

1 : a point or line of union or junction especially between two anatomical parts (such as adjacent heart valves) 2 : a connecting band of nerve tissue in the brain or spinal cord.

What does the posterior commissure connect?

The posterior commissure (PC) is a transversely-oriented commissural white matter tract that connects the two cerebral hemispheres along the midline. It is a very important anatomical landmark which is thought to play a role in the visual system, however its functions are still largely unknown.