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What is another word for moon orbiting a planet?

A subsatellite, also known as a submoon or moonmoon, is a natural or artificial satellite that orbits a natural satellite, i.e. a “moon of a moon”.

What is the synonym for lunar?

Of, pertaining to, or resembling the Moon. interstellar. lunate. lunula. lunular.

What is the another name for Orbital?

What is another word for orbital?

circular round
spherical globular
orbicular rounded
spheroid discoid
cycloidal annular

What is another word for lunar module?

What is another word for lunar module?

space capsule cabin
rocket spacecraft
spaceship vehicle
ballistic capsule command module
exploratory ship module

What is the Greek root for orbit?

Orbit comes from the Latin orbita, “course,” or “track.” The verb orbit is the act of revolving around another object, usually on a circular or elliptical course.

What are antonyms for orbit?

What is the opposite of orbit?

oscillation vibration
swaying swing

What is a synonym for lunar eclipse?

period when Earth’s shadow covers moon Synonyms: The movement of the sun, moon and stars. rise. go down. eclipse.

Is Lunar a synonym for Moon?

Lunar comes from the Latin word luna, meaning moon. The Roman goddess of the moon is called Luna (Selene in Greek mythology).

What is the elliptical path of the planets called?

An elliptical orbit is the revolving of one object around another in an oval-shaped path called an ellipse. The planets in the solar system orbit the sun in elliptical orbits. Many satellites orbit the Earth in elliptical orbits as does the moon. In fact, most objects in outer space travel in an elliptical orbit.

What does command module mean?

: a space vehicle module designed to carry the crew, the chief communication equipment, and the equipment for reentry.

What is space capsule meaning?

A space capsule is an often-crewed spacecraft that uses a blunt-body reentry capsule to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere without wings. Capsules are distinguished from satellites primarily by the ability to survive reentry and return a payload to the Earth’s surface from orbit.

What is a antonym for orbit?

orbit. Antonyms: eccentricity, deviation, perturbation. Synonyms: revolution, path, circuit, sphere.

How is the lunar orbit affected by perturbations?

Some of the variations in the orbital parameters caused by perturbations can be understood in simple terms. The lunar orbit is inclined to the ecliptic plane by about 5°, and the longitude of its ascending node on the ecliptic plane (Ω in Figure 2) is observed to regress (Ω decreasing) a complete revolution in 18.61 years.

What is the moon’s orbital period with respect to perigee?

The Moon’s orbital period with respect to perigee is the anomalistic month and has a duration of approximately 27.55 days. The lock-step rhythm between the lunation length and true anomaly can be explained with the help of the anomalistic month and Figure 4-2. It illustrates the Moon’s orbit around Earth and Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

What is the definition of perturbation in astronomy?

In astronomy, perturbation is the complex motion of a massive body subject to forces other than the gravitational attraction of a single other massive body.

What is the orbit of the Moon in relation to the Earth?

The Moon revolves around Earth in an elliptical orbit with a mean eccentricity of 0.0549. Thus, the Moon’s center-to-center distance from Earth varies with mean values of 363,396 km at perigee to 405,504 km at apogee.