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What is an A833 transmission?

The A-833 (or NP-440) became that transmission for Chrysler. Although it went through some changes over the years, it remained an important performance feature in Chrysler’s passenger cars until 1979 and in the line of trucks and vans into the late Eighties.

How do I identify a 4-speed Mopar?

All factory (original equipment) Mopar/Hurst 4-speed shifter mechanisms can be identified by the four digit number on the reverse lever, which is the longest of the three.

What is the difference between a Tremec TKO 500 and 600?

The difference between the 500 and 600 is the gear ratios. The 500 has a 3.27 first gear, the 600 has a 2.87. Less gear multiplication allows more torque input. The closer ratios have less rpm drop between gears which will suit an engine with a narrow power band.

What makes the A833 transmission different from other transmissions?

A tail-mounted shifter and retangular 10-bolt side cover clearly distinguishes the A833 transmission from many other manual transmissions. The A833 is a side-loaded transmission with all gears situated in the main case. In addition, the A833 has a 73⁄8-inch bell housing, and its internals are different than other gearboxes.

What kind of gears did the Chrysler A833 use?

Chrysler’s New Process Gear manufactured the A833. It was also the only transmission ever offered from the factory with slick-shifted gears. Besides incorporating the slick-shift process, race Hemi-style transmissions came with better alloy gears and bronze bushed speed gears to reduce frictional losses as well as gear-to-mainshaft seizures.

Is the A-833 a 4 speed or 3 speed?

A simple flip of the gear lever on the side cover gives the driver the illusion of three normal speeds and a fourth that is overdrive. Editor’s note: Chrysler described the change as “an A-833 four-speed transmission, converted over to a three speed manual transmission with an overdrive gear ratio.”

When was the Mopar A-833 overdrive transmission made?

The A-833 was reconfigured as an overdrive transmission using an aluminum case in 1975 and was used in Chrysler cars and trucks for added fuel economy. The overdrive version of the transmission reduced the third gear ratio to .73:1 to be used as the overdrive, and the 1:1 fourth gear became third.