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What is Alexandre Trudeau doing now?

Currently, Trudeau is President and Chief Producer at Same Adventure Productions. He and wife Zoë Bedos are the parents of a son, Pierre-Emmanuel, and two daughters, Gala Simone and Ariane Lea.

Is Alexandre Trudeau married?

Zoe Bedos
Alexandre Trudeau/Spouse

What was Pierre Trudeau famous quote?

“Just watch me” is a phrase made famous by Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on October 13, 1970, during the October Crisis. The term is still regularly used in Canadian political discussion.

Who is the president of Canada picture?

Justin Trudeau

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau PC MP
Born Justin Pierre James Trudeau December 25, 1971 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Political party Liberal
Spouse(s) Sophie Grégoire ​ ( m. 2005)​
Children 3

Was Sasha Trudeau’s body ever found?

An extensive search was launched, but his body has never been found. The lake’s high altitude and limited days of open waters each year prevented divers from completing the search. The Trudeau family called off the recovery and later built a chalet nearby as a memorial to their youngest son.

Who was Pierre Trudeau’s wife?

Margaret Trudeaum. 1971–1984
Pierre Trudeau/Wife

Who is Justin Trudeau’s mother?

Margaret Trudeau
Justin Trudeau/Mothers

Who is Pierre Trudeau’s daughter?

Sarah Elisabeth Coyne
Pierre Trudeau/Daughters
For years, Coyne dated former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Her daughter, Sarah Elisabeth Coyne, is Trudeau’s only daughter, and was enrolled in the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Her second child, Matthew Coyne, is the son of Canadian journalist Michael Valpy.

Does Justin Trudeau have siblings?

Alexandre Trudeau
Michel TrudeauSarah Elisabeth CoyneKyle KemperAlicia Kemper
Justin Trudeau/Siblings