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What is a Velveteen Lop?

The Velveteen Lop is a breed of rabbit that is a cross between the Rex Rabbit (not mini) and the English Lop. Velveteen Lop. Traits. Weight. 6-12 lbs.

How big do Velveteen Lops get?

Velveteen Lops are a medium sized breed of rabbit that may grow up to 6lbs. Their coat color can vary from grey to brown. The lops standout feature is its ears, which can grow 15 inches in length.

Are mini plush lops good pets?

The Mini Plush Lop is an excellent children’s pet because they are small and gentle especially if you spend time with them every day. Because of their small size they are inexpensive to feed. Like all rabbits they rarely make any noise unless they are hurt or feel in danger.

How does the Velveteen rabbit end?

The rabbit becomes the boy’s favourite toy, enjoying picnics with him in the spring, and the boy regards the rabbit as real. Time passes and the rabbit becomes shabbier, but happy.

What is the difference between a Mini Lop and a mini plush lop?

Unlike a traditional rabbit’s hair coat, the Mini Plush Lop literally feels like silky velvet similar to a Rex rabbit. Unlike a rex rabbit, the Mini Plush Lop is smaller and has floppy lopped ears just like a Holland Lop. Mini Plush Lops will molt twice a year, but after the molt is over, no excessive shedding!

Where did The Velveteen Lop rabbit breed come from?

History and Origin of the Velveteen Lop Rabbit Breed. According to the American Velveteen Lop Rabbit Club, the first steps in this breed’s development began in the late 1980s with Californian breeder Virginia Menden. Wanting to combine the best of a Rex’s plush coat with a curved or “mandolin” body type, she began pairing English Lops

What makes a Velveteen Lop a good pet?

Being descendants of two very mild-mannered and friendly breeds, the Velveteen Lop has inherited the best traits of both Rexes and English Lops. This makes them especially affectionate, and much more relaxed than other rabbits of a similar size. In short, Velveteen Lops make fantastic pets for rabbit owners of all experience levels.

What kind of personality does a Velveteen Lop have?

Velveteen Lops can be playful, but they are also docile and calm. This rabbit breed is known for being affectionate and having a mild temperament. Velveteen Lops enjoy receiving plenty of attention, so interacting with your pet is important. These rabbits are also social, and they are typically easy to handle.

What should I Feed my Velveteen Lop rabbit?

The legs and feet should be white, though there are exceptions when it comes to elbow spots. This breed is not yet recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Your Velveteen Lop should receive a diet that consists of 5% treats, 5% pellets, 10% vegetables, and 80% hay.