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What is a Type 2 acromion?

What is a type II Acromion? Acromion is a lateral process out of the shoulder blade of the shoulder joint. On x-rays, it has been classified into four types. Type II is the most common type and is gradual curve along the head of the shoulder. Type II acromion may occasionally cause impingement of the shoulder joint.

What is a Type 2 undersurface acromion?

A type II acromion has a concave curved undersurface, and represents a moderate risk for impingement syndrome (Fig. 6b). A type III acromion has a hooked downward facing leading edge (Fig. 6c).

Do you need surgery for shoulder impingement?

While most cases of shoulder impingement can be treated without surgery, sometimes it is recommended. A doctor may suggest surgery if nonsurgical treatment options do not adequately relieve shoulder pain and improve range of motion. Surgery can create more room for the soft tissues that are being squeezed.

Does shoulder impingement require surgery?

Where do you feel pain with shoulder impingement?

Shoulder impingement syndrome can best be described as a recurring ache/pain on the outside upper part of your shoulder when you raise your arm to shoulder height. Shoulder impingement syndrome occurs due to pinching and inflammation of the rotator cuff tendon and bursa in the space below the acromion (see photo).

How serious is shoulder impingement?

If left untreated, a shoulder impingement can lead to more serious conditions, such as a rotator cuff tear. Physical therapists help decrease pain and improve shoulder motion and strength in people with shoulder impingement syndrome.

What causes Type II acromion?

SHOULDER IMPINGEMENT . Sudden traumatic injuries in the face of a type III acromion can lead to impingement simply because the cuff tendons become pinched acutely and respond with inflammation and scarring. On the other hand simply having a Type III acromion does not mean that you are destined to develop impingement and pain.

What is acromial type 2?

Type 2 Acromion . This acromion appears on the occurrence of many kinds too many displacements in the bone, which may be lateral or anterior. There may or may not be the reduction in the subacromial space. The patient can recover within 6 weeks without any surgical or operative treatment.

What is acromion morphology?

Acromion morphology (types) are based on sagittal oblique MRI: flat inferiorly (12%) 6. curved (56%) parallel to the humeral head with a concave undersurface. considered most common type 3. hooked (29%) the most anterior portion of the acromion has a hooked shape.