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What is a four-bar suspension?

A four-bar platform allows the suspension to operate mostly independent of braking, and it allows designers the most control over leverage ratios. Both of these four-bar iterations connect a rigid rear triangle to the main frame with a linkage.

What is a Horst link suspension?

“Horst Link” suspension is a type of four-bar linkage suspension. It is characterized by having both connecting links pivot on the seat tube, with the lower pivot located above the center of the bottom bracket, and the rear axle being located higher than the pivot connecting floating link and lower connecting link.

What does suspension linkage do?

Among the advantages of a link suspension is the ability to tune in as much rising rate as you want by switching the lengths and shapes of the components. Through the magical power of leverage, link-type suspensions make it easy to provide a smooth ride over small bumps and a more controlled one over bigger bumps.

Which type of suspension is best for bike?

A motorcycle suspension setup primarily consists of two telescopic tubes at the front and a swingarm mounted with twin or single shock absorber at the rear. Now a days, monoshock or single shock absorber at the rear is preferred in most of the bikes because of its better performance and sporty looking characteristics.

How does a 4 bar linkage work?

A four-bar linkage, also called a four-bar, is the simplest movable closed-chain linkage. It consists of four bodies, called bars or links, connected in a loop by four joints. Generally, the joints are configured so the links move in parallel planes, and the assembly is called a planar four-bar linkage.

Which rear suspension is best?

Engineers have tackled this problem with varying degrees of complexity, but the best known are the MacPherson Strut, double wishbone and multi-link systems. As one of the simpler and therefore cheaper options for independent suspension, the MacPherson strut has seen widespread use since its invention back in the 1940s.

What is dual suspension?

A bike with just front suspension (a suspension fork) is referred to as a hardtail, a bike with both front and rear suspension is referred to as a dual-suspension, or full-suspension bike and a bike without any suspension at all is known as a rigid mountain bike.

How does Horst link suspension work?

Horst-link Suspension With the addition of a pivot on the chainstay, Horst-link bikes have a modified axle path rotating around an instant centre that changes position through the travel, allowing anti-squat and anti-rise to be optimised in different stages of the travel.

What is linkage rear suspension?

Linkage allows a configuration where less shock-shaft travel is used in the initial inches of rear-wheel travel than in the final inches. Theoretically, this allows for plush movement on small bumps with good bottoming resistance.

What does a 4 link rear suspension do?

With 4-link suspension, the two functions of locating the rear axle and supporting the vehicle, are isolated. Springs take care of supporting the vehicle — which leaves the links free to deal with locating and articulation. 4-link rear suspension will properly locate the rear axle no matter how soft we want to make the spring.

What does a 4 bar rear suspension kit do?

Our 4-Bar Rear Suspension Kits are truly Equal-Length Parallel 4-Bars that use a Panhard Bar to control lateral movement. Using a very long Panhard Bar perpendicular maximizes efficiency and reduces lateral movement throughout the travel. Our kits come complete with a shock Crossmember allowing you to determine final ride height when installing.

Why are four bar linkages used in bicycle suspension?

The four-bar linkage design was the next step in the evolution of bicycle suspension. It was a lighter, more versatile design that, if built well, is a rock-solid choice for manufacturers. The main idea is the linkages and components represent a four-sided polygon: the chain stay, seat stay, rocker, and seat tube.

What are triangulated 4 link suspensions made out of?

Our Triangulated 4 bar rear suspensions are made from heavy wall, seamless tubing and include urethane bushings. Bars are TIG welded for strength and appearance. Ride heights can be custom tailored to you taste during your installation. All bars have an one end adjustable to allow easy adjustment of the pinion angle.