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What is a form 5080?

Form 5080/5081 are the monthly, quarterly, and annual forms filed by businesses operating in Michigan. These forms are combined returns, meaning they include payroll withholdings alongside sales tax reporting.

How do I file Form 5080?

Form 5080 is available for submission electronically using Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) at or by using approved tax preparation software.

How is Michigan sales tax discount calculated?

If the tax is less than $9, calculate the discount by multiplying the tax by 2/3 (. 6667). Enter $6 if tax is $9 to $1,200 and paid by the 12th, or $9 to $1,800 and paid by the 20th .

How do I get a Michigan UIA number?

To obtain a UIA employer account number, you can register on-line via the Michigan Business One Stop at, or download and complete UIA Form 518, Registration for Michigan Taxes, along with Schedules A & B, through

How do I pay Michigan Business sales tax?

You have three options for filing and paying your Michigan sales tax:

  1. File online – File online at the Michigan Department of Treasury.
  2. File by mail – You can use Form 5080 and file and pay through the mail, though this form is only applicable for monthly or quarterly filers.

How do I pay my Michigan Business sales tax?

What is SUW tax in Michigan?

Sales, Use and Withholding
Michigan e-file – Sales, Use and Withholding (SUW) and City Income Tax Withholding (CTYW) Tax Preparer. The State of Michigan is working with tax preparers, payroll service providers and software developers to encourage taxpayers to e-file their SUW and CTYW tax returns.

What does SUW mean?


Acronym Definition
SUW Solid Urban Waste
SUW Stacje Uzdatniania Wody (Polish: Water Treatment Plant)
SUW Smart Utility Wagon (Mitsubishi)
SUW Sales, Use and Withholding (tax)

What is the Michigan sales tax discount?

Many states encourage the timely or early filing of sales and use tax returns with a timely filing discount. As of March 2019, the Michigan Department of Treasury offers: An on-time discount of 0.5 percent on the first 4 percent of the tax. Minimum $6, maximum $15,000 per month.

What services are taxable in Michigan?

What Services Are Subject To Use Tax? Most telecommunications, hotel/motel type accommodations, and industrial laundry services have been subject to Michigan use tax for many years. These services continue to be subject to the tax.

How do I get a tax ID number for unemployment?

Applying for an Unemployment Insurance Tax Account Number

  1. Register your business with both DOR and DES by completing and submitting the Application online .
  2. Download an online copy of the Application .
  3. Send an email to [email protected] requesting an Arizona Joint Tax Application.