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What is a crown hairpiece?

Crown toppers – also referred to as crown extensions, hair toppers or hair topettes – are hair pieces specifically designed for women suffering hair loss or thinning around the crown and top of their head. These hairpieces come in a wide range of colours, and can be cut, coloured and styled like natural hair.

How much is a Wiglet?

The cost of a wig depends on the features, for example a really good basic wig is between $30 – $100, a lace front wig can be between $99 – $399 and human hair wigs are up to $2,000. Shop our large selection to find a good quality wig that’s right in your price range!

Why are hair toppers more expensive than wigs?

As there is less material for toppers (and less hair), and they take less time to be made, they are typically more affordable than wigs. Some toppers with a smaller base and synthetic fibres can cost as little as $200, whereas wigs will set you back more.

Can you get hair extensions on the top of your head?

Crown Fusion Hair Extension are for women who have balding at the top of their crown. Crown Fusion Hair Extensions can be applied in addition to your Glamour Locks Hair Extensions to add length and volume to your hair on the back in sides in addition to the top of your head.

How do you hide thinning hair on a crown?

Tips to cover thinning hair

  1. Wear a wig or toupee. A wig or toupee can cover large areas of thinning hair.
  2. Use scalp sprays. You can use a spray or colorants that match your hair and scalp color to fill in thinning areas of your scalp and reduce the appearance of thinning.
  3. Try a crown weave.
  4. Play with your hairstyle.

What is the difference between a Wiglet and a topper?

A wig provides coverage for the whole head, but toppers are for smaller specific areas of the head. Hair toppers have clips that are used to attach them to the existing hair. Toppers are available in both synthetic and human hair and come in many colors and styles.

How long does a human hair topper last?

Your hair topper can last you anywhere from six months to over a year with daily wear and if you take good care of it. You can prolong the life of your hair topper by storing it in a box when you’re not wearing it (which will prevent it from collecting dust) and also using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

How can I cover my thinning hair with a crown?