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What is a Condylectomy?

Medical Definition of condylectomy : surgical removal of a condyle.

What is metatarsal condylectomy?

Plantar condylectomy of the metatarsal head may have to be added for plantar metatarsal head pain without instability or synovitis. Plantar condylectomy with pinning across the MTP joint helps reduce plantar prominence; the prominence may cause pain or callus over the second metatarsal head.

What is a condylectomy foot?

condylectomy: excision of a condyle at the joint; more specifically, removal of the round bony prominence of the articular end of bone. condylotomy: surgical incision or division of a condyle or condyles (e.g., toe phalanges).

How do you fix condylar hyperplasia?

Treatment usually includes condylectomy during the period of active growth. If growth has stopped, orthodontics and surgical mandibular repositioning are indicated. If the height of the mandibular body is greatly increased, facial symmetry can be further improved by reducing the inferior border of the mandible.

How rare is condylar hyperplasia?

It is estimated that about 30% of people with facial asymmetry express condylar hyperplasia.

What is a high Condylectomy?

Condylectomy is one of the medical procedures used to treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders or simply TMD. It is a surgical procedure used in cases that involve an organic disease of the said joint. It works by totally removing the condyle. The TMJ is a condylar joint and is the main joint of the jaw.

Can braces fix condylar hyperplasia?

After either kind of condylectomy is performed, orthognathic surgery and orthodontic treatment are necessary to correct the remaining skeletal discrepancy and occlusal problems. There are two treatment options for unilateral condylar hyperplasia (UCH) according to patient age.

Is condylar hyperplasia genetic?

The condylar hyperplasia in this family indicates that mandibular condylar hyperplasias could be genetic in origin, possibly Y-linked or autosomal dominant. Condylar hyperplasia is an uncommon malformation of the mandible involving change in the size and morphology of the condylar neck and head.

What is an excision of a Ramus called?

Definition. Mandibular resection (mandibulectomy) is the surgical excision of all or part of the mandible (lower jaw bone).

How is a tumor removed from the condyle?

A radiological study disclosed a large tumor mass on the top of the left mandibular condyle. This bony tumor was surgically removed through condylectomy and the remaining condyle head was secured. Subsequently, bimaxillary orthognathic surgery was performed to correct facial asymmetry and malocclusion.

Are there any surgical alternatives to condylectomy?

Different surgical alternatives exist to treat interdigital heloma including condylectomy, arthroplasty, or syndactyly. The current worldwide surgical treatment trend is to develop and investigate minimally invasive procedures [ 13 ].

How are the plantar condyles removed in a condylectomy?

The plantar condyles are exposed with a metatarsal head retractor, and the plantar condyles are resected parallel to the plantar surface of the foot. A plantar condylectomy will remove approximately one-third to one-quarter of the plantar metatarsal head.

What is the difference between a corticotomy and a condylectomy?

condylotomy: surgical incision or division of a condyle or condyles (e.g., toe phalanges). corticotomy: complete transection of the cortex of a bone without transection of the intramedullary structures. This procedure is basically an osteotomy with care taken to preserve the intramedullary vessels.