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What is a chimney stack in England?

chimney stack in British English noun. the part of a chimney that rises above the roof of a building.

What’s another word for chimney stack?

What is another word for chimney stack?

flue channel
stack smokeshaft
femerell lum
chase ventilator
smoke stack factory chimney

What does stack mean in Australian slang?

(Australia, slang) A fall or crash, a prang.

What does stacking mean in slang?

(slang) Having a full, shapely figure; curvaceous; specif., having large breasts. adjective. 16. 4.

What is a chimney slang?

Urban Dictionary Says: A black eye. The phrase comes from Northern Irish slang and was made notable in the 1998 song by Tamperer about a boyfriend’s ex who is gettin’ too close.

What is the thing on top of a chimney called?

A chimney crown, also known as a chimney wash, is a slab of cement that covers the top of the chimney. While the chimney cap covers the opening of the flue, the crown covers the whole top of the chimney. The crown prevents water from entering the chimney.

What do you call chimney in English?

/cimanī/ nf. chimney countable noun. A chimney is a pipe above a fireplace or furnace through which smoke can go up into the air. lamp countable noun.

What is the sentence of chimney?

1. He believes Santa Claus comes in through the chimney. 2. The chimney was made of bricks.

What does it mean when someone calls you a shortstack?

(colloquial) a person with a short, stout built.

What does it mean to stack a car?

Stacking means that you can combine coverage limits for multiple vehicles. A coverage limit is the maximum amount your insurer will pay toward a covered claim.

What does zoom stack mean?

The “stack” in the Occupy movement is the list of speakers who are commenting on proposals or asking questions in public meetings.

Why is a chimney pot called a Tudor chimney?

Chimney pots are often called Tudor Chimneys because they were first used to great efficiency during the Tudor Dynasty in Great Britain. Thomas Wolsey began converting the country manor house in 1515, but it was King Henry VIII who really created Hampton Court Palace.

Where are the famous chimney pots in England?

Thomas Wolsey began converting the country manor house in 1515, but it was King Henry VIII who really created Hampton Court Palace. Located near London, the Palace is a well-known tourist destination for viewers of ornate chimney pots. Jane Austen’s House in Chawton, Hampshire, England. Neil Holmes/Getty Images (cropped)

Why did people use chimney extensions in the 19th century?

These chimney extensions became very popular in the 19th century when people burned coal to heat their homes — quickly removing hazardous fumes was a healthy thing to do, and the tall chimney pot put fumes away from the home.

What are the different names for chimney pots?

Other stacks provide historical context of the building and its occupants ( e.g ., Moorish influences in southern Portugal). Still others have become iconic artwork pieces by master architects ( e.g., Casa Mila by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi ). Other names for chimney pots include chimney stack, chimney can, and Tudor chimney.