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What is a 35 70mm lens good for?

Its sharp and quick to focus. Its a nice portrait lens for head shots and is a nice lens for volleyball or basketball in a dark Gym. The 35-70 is a great lens and very sharp, but with a small zoom range is not as useful for me.

What does 35 70mm lens mean?

The “6X” factor of a zoom just refers to the ratio between the smallest and longest focal lengths it supports. So if it is 35mm on the wide end and 70mm on the long end, then it is a “2X” zoom, because 70/35 = 2. If it was 35-105 it would be a “3X” zoom.

What MM is good for portraits?

For portrait photography, 50mm lenses are great for full-length and waist-level portraits, both on location and in the studio. This is thanks to the wide field of view compared to an 85mm or 135mm lens, and you don’t need to be too far away from the model to achieve these crops.

What f stop to use for portraits?

Portrait photographers prefer wider apertures like f/2.8 or even f/4 — they can focus on the subject and blur the background. That’s also why landscape photographers typically shoot in the f/11 to f/22 range — they want more of the landscape in focus, from the foreground to the distant horizon.

What focal length is best for portraits?

85mm lenses If you’re looking for a lens that provides a reasonable working distance from the model, with a narrower field of view than a 50mm lens, the 85mm is the most popular focal length for portraiture. These short telephoto lenses are typically available with f/1.8 or f/1.4 apertures.

Is the Nikon 35-70mm a good portrait lens?

Between 35 and 60mm, the lens is superb rivaling the best Nikon portrait lens in quality. From 60-70mm the lens loses contrast, and tends to expose “hot” due to glare (but without overexposing in AF on my D300).

When was the Nikon 35-70mm 2.8d lens discontinued?

The lens replaced the non-D version, the AF 35-70mm/2.8 zoom which was produced October 1987 and discontinued in September 1992. My father got his non-D lens together with his F-801s (N8008s) in 1991 and I was using it quite a lot on both that body, plus a a smaller F-401 (N4004) that I had plus later on my dad’s D1.

When did the Nikon AF 70mm lens come out?

Updated January 2021. This Nikon AF-D lens was introduced back in 1992 and produced until 2005. It got an updated D chip in 1993. The lens replaced the non-D version, the AF 35-70mm/2.8 zoom which was produced October 1987 and discontinued in September 1992.

What’s the close focus distance on a Nikon 35mm?

The two-foot (0.6m) close focus distance is just fine for most shooting, and if not, the macro mode also works great. Nikon 35-70mm f/2.8 set to 35mm. On digital and AF cameras, manual focus demands you move a switch on your camera.